Keystone Peak

elevation: 2,373 m. height gain: 850 m.
area: Revelstoke,BC map 82 M/8

Ref: -Columbia Forest Districts
       - From the forestry road we aimed for the south-west ridge of Keystone heading towards Standard Basin, there's a trail. Staying high on the ridge we easily reached the saddle south-east of Keystone Peak, 082002. We decided to bypass the lower official summit for a slightly higher adjacent peak east of the saddle, 088001.

drove as far as possible

That's where we stop!
Hike: This trip was special; we went in a different area accompanied by a good friend, Pascale and her dog, Balu. A well-known trail leads to Standard Basin; it is accessed by a forestry road. We drove as far as we could until the snow stopped us. The spring snow was consolidated and quite nice for travel. We couldn't see a trail. Besides, we were not going to Standard Basin; we were attempting the high point we could see, past Keystone. Balu was all over the place. A Husky breed, he felt right at home with this kind of activity. The surrounding scenery was almost lunar because of the snow patches and eroded scree slopes. The hike on snow and scree to the top was easy. Although the sky was cloudy, it was mild with good visibility and no rain.
nice hike on firm snow

Keystone on the left, our obective is further climber's right.

at the top

Fab and Pascale at the top, looking west.


The summit cairn and a sleeping Balu at our feet.
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