Kent North, Mount GR:254257

elevation: 2,914 m. height gain: 1,180 m.
area: Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/11-14

Ref: Drew and Mark in the Canadian Rockies.
objectives from the parking lot

Kent North Outlier (left) and Mount Kent North (right).
Snowshoe trip: RT 7.75; 4.0 up. This outing is a popular snowshoeing objective; the alpine is often wind-scoured, minimizing avalanche risk and easing trail breaking. We left Golden early and reached the Sawmill Parking lot after a 3.5 hour drive. The sky was cloudier than expected but the wind wasn't bad yet. We followed the well-packed trail through the gate and went right of the marker. We passed a couple of junctions and recognized the proper turn-off leading to the approach ridge. A recent post on Kent Outlier prompted a few people to head up this way, the tight trail through the trees was easy to follow. The alpine was stripped, we made it to the outlier in decent time. So far, the weather had been fair but it deteriorated quickly. We descended to the saddle and started the long trudge to the highpoint of Mount Kent. It took a lot of effort, the variable crust wasn't always supportive. At the top, the view was greatly reduced. The wind was vicious, blowing snow in every nook and freezing exposed skin in no time. We didn't linger and headed down after snapping some pictures. We took a nice break at the saddle, the wind was calmer there. Although it is possible to continue down to the James Walker Creek Trail from the saddle, we chose to return the way we came. We reached the truck as it got dark.
gate at the start

Past the gate, we went right of the red marker.

veering off the snowshoe loop

After 12 minutes, we veered right at another junction.

well-packed trail

The trail was well-packed and easy to follow.



wind-scoured ridge

The wind-scoured ridge leading to Kent North Outlier.

top of the outlier

Looking back from the top of the outlier.

mount kent north

Our objective is the highpoint of Mount Kent.

circumventing bluffs

Bluffs below the outlier are easily circumvented.

foreshortened ascent

The ascent is longer than it looks...

nearing the top

Last steps to the top.

cheering next to the cairn

Fab cheers but only after putting on two extra layers!

southern view

Southern view along Kent Ridge.

hasty retreat

Hasty retreat.

almost at the saddle

The sun filters through the storm clouds.

kent ridge

Kent Ridge from the saddle.

the outlier

The outlier is a quick jaunt away.

fierce wind

The wind is fierce at the top of the outlier.

wind action

Wind action.

lotsa wind action

Lotsa wind action!!!
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