Kent, Mount

elevation: 2,637 m. height gain: 870 m.
area: Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/11

Ref: Drew and Mark in the Canadian Rockies
nicely packed trail

To our surprise, there's an up-track!
Snowshoe trip: RT 8.5; 5.0 up. Once again, we were lured to the Kananaskis hoping to see some sun. We parked about 100 meters south of the Black Prince parking lot, near a small red sign with the number 51 on it. To our surprise, an up-track entered the forest where we planned to go; I guess that made up for the lack of sun and brutal winds. We left, still skeptical about whether we would even make it on the ridge. The track climbed nicely and was sheltered in the trees. Higher up, it stopped; we wouldn't reach treeline without struggling with trail breaking. As frustrating as it was, we slowly continued upward. I was thrilled to reach the knoll, Bob's trip report, but the worst was yet to come... After coming down the knoll, we encountered some ugly snow conditions. The treed ascent slope to the ridge was affected by wind. The unsupportive snow was thigh-deep with variable slabs; I experienced some settlements. Like snails, we traversed towards the wind-blown slopes. With renewed optimism, we planted our feet on ground and started to hike the grassy ridge towards our objective. Further along the ridge, the terrain is blocky and sheep seem to like the sheltered nooks. As we neared the summit, the wind increased. We carefully booted up some hard snow and strolled to the summit cairn. I felt quite fortunate to be here, I don't think we could have made it without the track lower down. We could discern highpoints of Kent Ridge to the north and the summer scramble route was just below us, straight down to the road. Our stay was brief because of the wind, we returned the same way. We thoroughly enjoyed the ridge, even with the wind! Well worth the effort.

no more track

No more up-track but we're getting closer to the ridge crest.

top of the knoll

Mount Kent (left) from the top of the knoll.

reaching the ridge crest

Reaching the ridge crest after a good share of miserable trail breaking.

easy trekking

Easy trekking on the wind-blown ridge.

cairns on highpoints

Cairns dot most of the highpoints along the ridge.

looking south

Looking along the south end of Kent Ridge.

remainder of the ridge

The remainder of the ridge to Mount Kent's official summit (furthest hightpoint).

pleasant hiking

Pleasant hiking on some bare slab.

wind gusts

Wind gusts kicking up a lot of snow.

summit ahead

Summit ahead.

climbing hard snow

Carefully climbing hard snow.

summit cairn

I can see the summit cairn.

ah yeah!

Right on, right on!!!

summer scramble route

Looking down the summer scramble route.

looking north

Mounts Kent North and Inflexible are barely visible.

leaving the top

Leaving the top... and so is this cornice...

sheep haven

This sheep haven offers some shelter from the wind.


Backtracking to the knoll on the right.

nearing the up-track

Nearing the old up-track.
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