Junction Hill GR:661864

elevation: 2,236 m. height gain: 720 m.
area: South Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/7

Ref: Bob Spirko's Road not taken at the start
Fabrice lays down the ground rules.
Hike: 5.75; 2.25 up. With a stable forecast, I dreamed about the glaciers and some elusive mountains. Fabrice thought of something that would cheer me up, another dog trip. Yes, I suppose that would work, Fabrice knows me! I loaded the truck mindlessly as I've done numerous times this season; Lincoln got excited and hung out in the truck full of anticipation. The drive to Longview is long, we left early and took a good break at Lac des Arcs as we typically do with the dogs. Roads were in good conditions, we parked before the closed gate as we planned to ascend and descend the south-east ridge. The dogs were stimulated and roamed nose to the ground. The terrain was good for them, I hoped we would all make it to the top this time. We made our way with ease until we neared the top where the ridge has drops on either side... Fabrice leashed them for a short section but we mostly kept a mindful eye and maintained them away from edges. All of us reached the summit; after taking some pictures and handing out copious amounts of kibbles, we laid out their fleece jackets and other layers and wrapped them for nap time. It was a bit windy but with the sun, it felt quite nice. It was thrilling to be at the top with the pack; not in a hurry as we camped nearby, we lingered for almost two hours before heading down. Just before leaving, a British man from Turner Valley reached the summit; Peter returned with us. It's always nice to make new acquaintances! happy dogs
The hounds are stimulated and happy.
lincoln chews
Lincoln finds a skull.
good doggies
Good recall, good doggies; here's a treat.
nearing the ridge
Nearing the south-east ridge.
snow to keep cool
They find snow to eat and keep cool.
enjoying the view
Enjoying the view from the ridge.
not that far
The objective is nearby.
keeping the dogs close
Keeping the dogs closer in this type of terrain.
getting closer
Getting closer, dogs are doing great.
cooling off
Lincoln cooling off while basking in the sun.
managing the dogs
Managing the dogs to prevent them straying too close to the edge.
greeting dog alert
The dogs run towards two ladies to say hello, oh boy...
at the top
At the top with the hounds, whoot, whoot!
lincoln poses
Lincoln swizzle poser boy on the cairn.
my babies
My babies: Lincoln, Rupert and Daisy Mae.
view south
Looking south beyond the south-east ascent ridge.
nap time
Nap time.
rupert cuddle bug
Rupert is so huggable, he loves cuddles.
look at daddy
Look at daddy! Look at daddy!
company on the way down
Peter showed up at the top as we prepared to come down; he joined us for the descent.
mount armstrong
Mount Armstrong.
very pleasant
Very pleasant hike.
dogs are still energetic
Doggies still have plenty in the tank.
dropping off the ridge
Dropping off the ridge at the large grassy slope.
at the road
Back at the road.
basking in the sun
Lincoln and I basking in the sun at Etherington Creek rest area.
Once the sun sets, we relax next to a nice fire.
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