Joss Mountain

elevation: 2,386 m.
height gain: 900 m.
area: Three Valley Gap,BC
map 82 L/16

Ref: Recreation Sites and Trails BC


Hike: RT 3.5. We elected to do a short hike somewhere close due to dismal weather. The old Dominion Lookout on Joss Mountain was the perfect candidate; it grants good access to a trailhead above 1,500 meters and a fine 4-kilometer trail. The lookout is in good condition; windows all around guarantee great views while sheltered. We left the truck with our rain gear on as it was drizzling. The trail is easy to follow offering fast access to the treeline. The surrounding mountains come into view in the open terrain; Revelstoke's classic peaks unfold upon reaching the ridge. A pleasant hike to the lookout ensued despite the rain but once on the ridge, the wind increased. We were pleased to take shelter at the top. We signed the registry while eating our snacks. There isn't much in the lookout other than a table and a chair; still, it would be a cool place to spend the night. After a good break; we started our descent. The light rain didn't stop; we arrived at the truck damp and chilled. We drove home with the heater on full blast!

top of cutblock

At the top of the cutblock, the trail enters mature forest.

rope on a rocky bit

A rope assists on a steep rocky section.

nice trail

The trail is easy to follow.

near treeline

Near treeline, the upper mountain is in sight.

two ascent variations

Two variations exist to ascend to the ridge, we went climber's right of the bluffs.

on the ridge

On the broad ridge.

dominion lookout

The Dominion Lookout comes into view.

blanket glacier

Great view towards Blanket Glacier.

pleasant walk

Pleasant walk to the lookout.

view east

Eastern view from the lookout.

blanket glacier

Blanket Glacier to the south-east.

the lookout

The lookout grants shelter in inclement weather.

signing the registry

Signing the registry and snacking.

leaving the top

Leaving the top.

lovely tarns

These lovely tarns warrant a visit on a warm sunny day.

dreary weather

Dreary weather on this nice hike.

alternate trail

Returning via the alternate trail option.

re-entering the forest

Re-entering the forest.
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