Jim Kelly Peak GR:417879

elevation: 2,107 m.
height gain: 950 m. (from the road)
area: Coquihalla Summit,BC
map 92 H/11

Ref: Steven's Peak-Bagging Journey

hiking illal creek

Hiking Illal Creek's decommissioned road.
Scramble: RT 1.5; 40 minutes up from the tarn (approach is about 3 hrs up, 2 hrs down). This weekend we decided to backpack to Illal Meadows and spend the night at the tarn situated at the foot of Jim Kelly Peak. Our main objectives were Coquihalla Mountain and Jim Kelly. We had a lazy start on the trail from the Tulameen FSR. It isn't possible to drive up Illal Creek's service road anymore; a landslide and several deep drainage ditches bar the way. We reached the tarn at 7 PM. The sun was still shining after we quickly set up camp. We figured we might as well climb Jim Kelly Peak and catch the sun setting from the summit instead of saving the objective for the next day. This was a good call; the ascent is short, and viewing mountains basking in the last sunrays is always spectacular. We climbed directly from the tarn and followed the path of least resistance to the top. There are good trail segments on the north-west ridge that we stumbled upon on our way. We reached the summit in good time and sat down to enjoy the sunset; it was magnificent. Coming down was straightforward; we didn't veer from our ascent route. Once at the tent, we had a yummy dinner while listening to Chris Stapleton. We retired to the tent early to get a good night's sleep and be ready for the next day.

undrivable road

Several obstacles render the service road undrivable.

old trailhead

After 50 minutes we reached the old trailhead.

terrain opens up

Following a steep climb in the forest, the terrain opens up.

jim kelly appears

Jim Kelly Peak comes into view.

meandering trail

The trail meanders through the meadows.

nearing the tarn

Nearing the tarn at the foot of Jim Kelly Peak.

going for a swim

Going for a swim at the tarn where we set up camp.

short climb

We started our hike at the far end of the tarn, it's only 200 meters of height gain.

talus slope

This short talus slopes precedes better terrain and straightforward scrambling.

illal peak

Looking down at the tarn with Illal Peak in the background.

milan in hot pursuit

Milan in hot pursuit.

typical terrain

Typical terrain on the way up.

coquihalla mountain

Coquihalla Mountain steals the view west of us.

enjoying the scramble

Enjoying the scramble.

almost there

Almost there.

at the top

At the top.

stellar sunset

Other hikers are also on the mountain to catch the stellar sunset.

tulameen mountain

The southern view includes Tulameen Mountain on the left.

view north

To the north, many familiar peaks rise beyond Illal Peak.

snass mountain

Snass Mountain and Mount Dewdney.

jim kelly's shadow

Jim Kelly Peak casts its shadow on the flat mounds to the east.

toppled mast

Lovely poem pinned on the toppled mast at the top.

enjoying the sunset

Enjoying the sunset.

last sunrays

Heading down with Coquihalla Mountain and Carry Peak, on its left.

in good spirit

In good spirit.


A bit of downclimbing.

more of the same

More of the same.

descending the talus slope

Descending the talus slope back to the tarn.
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