Isolated Peak

elevation: 2,845 m. height gain: 1,350 m.
area: Yoho Park,BC map 82 N/10

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies stanley mitchell hut
Stanley Mitchell Hut, the trail is behind on the right.
Scramble: RT 11.75 (including Whaleback Mountain); 5.0 up. The weather forecast for sunday and monday deteriorated so we decided to cancel our planned overnight trip. Since we were prepared for a long outing, we thought a trek in the Little Yoho would be a good alternative. We figured we would try Isolated Peak first and if the weather permitted, we would exit via Whaleback Mountain. We got to the trailhead fairly early and hiked up to Stanley Mitchell Hut at a decent pace; it took us 2 and a half hours. As we got there, two fellows we'd seen earlier at the parking lot were leaving the hut. Fab and I looked at each other: was that Marko Stavric? We set off in a different direction without saying anything. We found out later that it was him; shoot, it would have been nice to meet him... The steep trail quickly led us to treeline. We continued in the draw and crossed the creek before the waterfalls. Still on a trail, we proceeded to make our way to the toe of the glacier and the ascent gully. We had no trouble picking out the proper gully but getting to it was tough. Travelling on the steep moraine and ledges proved challenging due to the hard-packed ground; on several occasions, we had to kick steps in the slope in order to get some purchase. It wasn't comforting to think about trying to stop a slip on that section... Once at the gully, a couple of moves on steep rock lead to easier ground. We quickly gained the summit ridge and followed it to the top with no difficulty. We didn't linger as the weather seemed to be moving in. On our way to the gully, it started to drizzle. It intensified as we backtracked lower down, we decided to take shelter against a big boulder with an overhang. At some point, the rain was horizontal but that was short lived; the sun came out and the clouds lifted. This amazing "sucker hole" lured us into continuing up Whaleback Mountain. treeline
Reaching treeline with Isolated Peak in sight.
Nice waterfalls along the way.
looking back
Looking back at The Presidents, we crossed the creek where it braids.
back of the draw
Nearing the back of the draw.
at the foot of isolated peak
At the foot of Isolated, a trail continues left of the snowpatch.
glacier des poilus
Heading towards Glacier des Poilus.
aiming for the gully
Aiming for the gully climber's left.
climbing the gully
Climbing the ascent gully.
looking back again
Looking back again.
rest of the gully
The remainder of the gully is easy.
summit ridge
Gaining the summit ridge.
last stretch
Last stretch to the top.
reaching the top
The summit cairn, yippee!!!!!!!
the weather is moving in
The weather is moving in behind Mount McArthur.
whaleback mountain
Whaleback Mountain south-east of us.
low cloud cover
To the south, Mount Marpole is engulfed in cloud.
northern view
Northern view, Mont des Poilus has totally disappeared.
brief stay
After a brief stay, we're ready to head back down.
leaving the top
As we near the approach gully below, it starts to drizzle.
down the gully
Down the gully.
steeper at the bottom of the gully
It's steeper at the bottom of the gully.
Backtracking on the ledges.
last glimpse
Last glimpse at the gully.
not sure about ascending whaleback
Not sure if we'll be exiting via Whaleback Mountain.
the presidents
The Presidents beyond the glacier.
cold crisp water
Cold, crisp water.
taking shelter
We took shelter by a huge boulder with an overhang lower down.
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