Isola Peak

elevation: 2,515 m. height gain: 645 m. (from cutblock)
area: South Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/1

Ref: Bob Spirko's Road not taken at the cutblock
The gate was open at the blue bridge; we parked at the cutblock, 2 kilometers further up the road.
Hike: RT 6.0; 3.0 up. Mild temperatures and sunny skies were forecasted for the Foothills; this was a good opportunity to pack up the hounds and go camping. We've been coming to the dog friendly Livingstone Range for several years; outings here never disappoint! The dogs always start to get excited at home, when I pack the tent and their blankets. The drive is long but the hounds embrace it, especially the stops along the way. Near our objective, we crossed the Livingstone River on a temporary blue bridge. The gate was open and there was no signs dissuading traffic. We drove to the cutblock and parked (required 4X4 with winter tires). Shaving distance on a trip with dogs in these conditions is a blessing; it increases the chance of them making it to the top. After walking on the road for a short while, we started ascending the light timbered rib. The snow was patchy at first and slowly increased in depth as we gained height; it was dense and abrasive so we stopped to put the doggy boots on. The hounds didn't mind the snow, it wasn't very deep (boot-top) also the bushwhacking was easy and sheltered. Near treeline the snowpack got deeper and more wind-affected, we veered towards the edge of the trees where the ridge was scoured. We continued towards the top, enjoying filtered sun and mild air. The dogs kept plodding onwards, tail wagging, unhindered by the wind. At the top, I took some pictures then we headed down a bit, where the wind diminished. We placed the blue foamy and packs on the ground covering them with two blankets. The hounds were fitted with a fleece shirt each and covered up with windbreakers. Once they settled for a nappy, Fab and I ate our lunch and sipped some tea. Ahhh... that's life! After a good long break, we backtracked casually, throwing a million sticks. Back at the truck, we opted to drive down while the ice on the road was soft. We set camp near the river and had a little bonfire; nice way to end a great day! on the road
Continuing on the road for a short while.
typical terrain
Typical terrain along Isola Peak's south-east rib.
boots on
Time to put the dog booties on, all twelve of them!!!
Travelling on the windward side to avoid deep snow.
Rupert chewing a tiny stick.
lincoln and daisy
Lincoln and Daisy with her nose down, sniffing for shrews.
mount livingstone
Mount Livingstone to the east.
summit plod
The summit is a pleasant hike away.
nearing the summit
Lincoln always likes to be a couple of steps ahead.
alpine dogs
Rupert needs a stick and Daisy's sniffing.
at the top
At the top, treat time!
south-west view
View south-west of us.
break time
It's windy but mild, the dogs are all tucked-in for a quick lunch break below the summit.
heading down
Casually heading back down.
chasing the horn
Lincoln found a horn, Rupert wants it... so does Daisy.
nice dog outing
Not too bad weather and a nice dog outing, primo!
last look
Last look.
lincoln posing
Lincoln posing with his horn.
ridge crest
Along the ridge crest at treeline.
more fetching
Endless fetching.
easy bushwhacking
Easy bushwhacking, the dogs loved it.
two buddies
Two buddies impatiently waiting for their kibbles.
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