Inglismaldie, Mount

elevation: 2,964 m. height gain: 1,450 m.
area: Banff/Bow Valley,AB map 82 O/3

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies trailhead
Scramble: RT 12.0; 7.5 up. Yeahhhhhhhhhh, finally. After living in Banff for nearly 10 years (a while back) and looking at it all this time, it is very special to have had the best conditions and opportunity to summit this beautiful mountain. We almost did not go after reading a sign at the trailhead that dissuades hiking in the area for the preservation of wildlife such as cougars. We started to justify ourselves: we didn't plan an alternative, we drove from Golden and didn't know, we'll be in and out and keep the dog really close, we really want to go up there... Next thing you know, we were off. It was worth it. It was easy to control Winston in the confinement of the approach drainage. After 4 hrs of O.K. bushwhacking within earshot of the creek, we arrived at the fork where the descent gully (alternate descent) meets the trail. We were all good to continue, the going was nice and there was some snow patches for the pooch. Our ascent line near the top differed a bit from Alan Kane's described route. We cut left and traversed below a major rockband to a gully system because we were uncertain of the traverse above (which is probably very similar). There is some easy route finding near the top; I stowed my poles because I needed my hands for a section. It is very loose in some places. Winston was pooped and "out of place", he did not pull at the end of his leash. The final summit plod on the ridge is exhilarating, the sheer drop on the back side is breath taking. We stayed at the summit for a while. Winston coiled up for a well deserved rest and we soaked in the view, appreciating every moment! This was quite the accomplishment for all of us. We admit this outing was a bit much for our very fit work dog, he wasn't too keen on the upper mountain. We returned via the gully which was fast and relatively easy. visible trail
Visible trail.
more trail
Hiking in the drainage.
winston with his booties
Winston with his booties.
coming out of the canyon
Looking back, coming out of the canyon.
distant objective
Our objective still quite distant.
a closer look
We traversed under the rockband to meet the ascent gully.
alternate descent
After 4 hours of hiking, we stand where the alternative descent joins the trail.
good to continue
We continue towards Mount Girouard.
Mount Girouard.
winston cooling off
Winston rolling in the snow and cooling off.
before the traverse
Heading towards the traverse.
descent gully
Looking down the alternate descent.
steep terrain
Winston is staying close in the gully.
almost on the ridge
Almost on the ridge, steep terrain.
awesome view
Awesome view towards Rundle.
on the ridge
Looking east, at last on the ridge.
heading for the summit
On the summit ridge.
i can see it
Yeahhhhh! Summit cairn just ahead.
Lake Minnewanka and Mount Costigan. Devil's Head appears on the left margin of the picture.
Mount Aylmer.
Mount Cascade.
straight down
Straight down the sheer east side.
our descent
Looking back at the descent from the summit block. We stayed mostly on snow in the gully (left).
coming down
Continuing down the gully to meet the trail. We're still far from the car!
Successful, safe and sound. Cheers!!!
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