Iago Peak GR:315959

elevation: 1,737 m.  height gain: 550 m.
area: Coquihalla Summit,BC
map 92 H/11

Ref: Steven's Peak-Bagging Journey

leaving the trailhead

Leaving the Zopkios Rest Area with Great Bear (left) and Iago Peaks in sight.
Ski touring: RT 8.0 (includes Great Bear Peak); 2.75 up. Ev requested an easy objective following our ski tour on Thar Peak two days ago. Thar Peak's steep ascent on icy south-facing slopes proved difficult. I figured Iago and Great Bear Peaks would be good candidates; I had been saving them for a solo trip given there's minimal avalanche hazard along the straightforward route. Once again, we drove through some desert country before reaching the snowy mountains of the Coquihalla Region. At the trailhead, we geared up under blue sky but the forecast called for increasing cloudiness and snow squalls. We followed the well-trodden Ottomite Road to the Zupjok-Ottomite Col; then, we aimed for Iago Peak's north-east ridge. There were tracks everywhere; we followed a random uptrack going in our direction. The ascent on the ridge is pleasant and grants great views of the Anderson River Group. Higher up, we took note of a good starting point to ski down the north bowl. Shortly thereafter, we gained the summit. By now it was snowing lightly. Ev wanted to hunker down by some trees and forgo the short side trip to Great Bear Peak. She didn't think the second summit was worth a visit and she wasn't interested in tackling the very steep grind back up Iago Peak. I told her that climb would take no more than 15 minutes and she would be glad to have gone to both peaks. With that said, Ev agreed to continue! 

ottomite road

Ascending the Ottomite Road.

zupjok peak

Zupjok Peak comes into view.

ottomite-zupjok col

An open area at the Ottomite-Zupjok Col grants a good view of both objectives.

several uptracks

Several uptracks lead to Iago Peak's north-east ridge.

looking back

Looking back.

typical terrain

Typical terrain higher up on the ridge.

anderson river group

During the climb, the Anderson River Group dominates the view to the north-west.

summit ahead

The summit is a short distance ahead.

great bear peak

Great Bear Peak's ascent appears very gentle.

looking back at ascent ridge

Looking back at the ascent ridge with Zupjok Peak on the left and Zopkios Ridge to the right.

at the top

Someone built a snow shelter on the summit.

vicuna peak

Vicuna Peak juts out abruptly in contrast to Alpaca and Llama Peaks.

anderson river group

The Anderson River Group is a cluster of impressive peaks.

bombtram mountain

To the south-west, Bombtram Mountain is another popular ski touring destination.

the flatiron

Across the highway, The Flatiron stands over Great Bear Peak.

seeking shelter

Seeking shelter from the wind while taking the skins off our skis.

ready for the side trip

Ready for the short side trip to Great Bear Peak.

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