Mount Hunter

elevation: 2,629 m. height gain: 1,350 m.
area: Golden,BC map 82 N/7

Ref: Sonny Bou's scrambles archive

end of the road

At the end of the road, we aimed for the eroded patch (center).
Scramble: RT 11.0; 5.5 up. We decided to visit Mount Hunter on a whim, the forecast for the weekend kept changing. Fabrice didn't want to drive anywhere or commit to something big; although this trip is not the shortest, the drive sure is! We scrutinized Sonny's trip report to find the proper service road off the Trans Canada highway. Coming from Golden, we had to drive to the Beaverfoot, exit and take the underpass to be on the right side of the highway. We turned on the service road that has a "Drain, clean and dry your boat to prevent spreading invasive species" sign; we had no trouble driving to the end of the road with the truck. We basically followed Sonny's footsteps, ascending left of the eroded dirt patch to the treed bump; we even came across the broken Pepsi bottle! We we're surprised to find a decent game trail down to the saddle and back up to the weakness that breaches the bluffs before the ridge. On the summit ridge, I started to get excited and nervous. The ridge does not look easy but as we proceeded, a moderate way up revealed itself. We carefully negotiated the narrow bits and made our way to the summit cairn. After several attempts from the lookout trail, it was quite delightful to stand on this summit. Fabrice pulled out the register. The only entries were Sonny's and David Jones'. Sonny hadn't written a limerick, I was kinda expecting one... We enjoyed the view and stayed for a while before descending the way we came. Our bushwhack down went well; although we naturally trended more skier's right, corrections brought us to within 100 meters of the truck. It is well worth taking the time to verify your position to avoid passing by the end of the road and ending up at the highway below! The following morning, while at work, I wrote a limerick for Hunter, here it is:
I'm standing on top of Mount Hunter
My spirit is free and I wonder
Who stood over there
Who came here to stare
At the beauty surrounding this traveller.

eroded patch

Going climber's left of the eroded patch.

no undergrowth

Before reaching the forested bump, all undergrowth disappears.

weakness through the bluffs

The weakness through the bluffs that precede the summit ridge.

additional cairns

Fab building additional cairns.

the bump

Looking back at the forested bump.

summit ridge ahead

Almost on the summit ridge.

broad grassy saddle

Nice broad grassy saddle before scrambling begins.

here we go

Here we go!

around a buttress

Going left around that buttress.

back on the ridge

Back up on the ridge crest.

looking back

Looking back.

easy stretch

An easy stretch.

some exposure

Some exposure in places but not overly difficult.

making our way

Making our way along the ridge.

hiking section

Hiking section, the summit is out of sight.

summit in view

The summit is clearly visible now.

narrow bit

Crossing a narrow bit condor-style.

at the top

Finally on top of Mount Hunter, thanks Sonny Bou!

mountain meditation

Mountain meditation.

leaving the top

Leaving the top.

short step down

A short step down.

beautiful scenery

Beautiful scenery right in our backyard.

south-east ridge

The highpoint along the very long south-east ridge is where we turned around on an attempt from the lookout trail.

puff balls

This grassy ridge hosts the biggest puff balls.

summit cairn

A nice cairn on the summit ridge.

the bump

The bump below is quite distinguishable.

back in the forest

Back in the forest, we followed game trails.
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