Hughes, Mount (Repeater Ridge) GR:925844

elevation: 2,390 m. height gain: 1,215 m.
area: Golden,BC map 82 N/6

Ref: Golden Hikes

Note: Golden hikes refers to this peak as Holt Repeater. The 6.8-kilometer access road is gated in the summer due to mining, bring a bike.
mount hughes
Mount Hughes from the access road.
Scramble: RT 9.5; 5.0 up. I really wanted to squeeze in another outing before driving out east. During the week, I went to the mining road leading up to Repeater Ridge to see if it was gated; it was. Although people have used ATVs to go around the gate and there's clearly a trail, Fabrice wasn't comfortable going around the closed gate and ignoring the "no motorized access" sign. We brought our bikes knowing that even if we had to push them up, the descent would be as fast as lightning! The bluebird crisp day was welcome, we pushed the bikes in good spirits and reached the mine in decent time. We ditched the bikes before heading down the road towards Holt Creek. Crossing the creek wasn't bad... we've seen a lot worse. We continued on the old road and reached the north facing drainage of our objective. We followed tracks made by ungulates, they were going in the right direction and made travelling in the shallow snow much easier. At the back of the draw, we chose a sun exposed slope to climb; the surface crust was supportive and granted good travel. From treeline, the ridge crest and repeater are minutes away. We lollygagged at the repeater, comfy on the nice platform. The green cone blocked the wind and reflected heat, we took advantage of this lovely afternoon enjoying the fine view. Returning meant leaving the sun behind... We lingered as long as we could but as we all know, all good things must come to an end! pushing the bike
Pushing my bike up.
following the road
Beyond the mine and across Holt Creek, we followed the old road into the draw.
crossing holt creek
Crossing Holt Creek.
into the draw
The old road heads into the draw, The Molars ahead.
ascent drainage
The ascent drainage with the objective in the sun (left center).
ungulate tracks
Following ungulate tracks.
climb in the sun
Aiming to climb in the sun on the left.
good travel
The sun affected snow offers good travel.
nearing the repeater
Nearing the green repeater.
at the top
Fab with The Clamshell in the background.
town of golden
The town of Golden to the east.
view west
Dawn Mountain in the far distance (left) and
Eos Peak (right center).
the molars
The Molars south-west of the cone.
enjoying the sun
Great platform to sit and soak some late fall sunshine.
leaving reluctantly
Leaving reluctantly.
snowmobilers come here
Snowmobilers come up this ridge.
last bit of sun
Last bit of sun.
chucking rocks
Chucking rocks to improve passage.
back in a flash
Down in a flash, just you hang on!
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