Holt Peak GR:878836

elevation: 2,705 m. height gain: 1,175 m. (includes height loss)
area: Golden,BC map 82 N/6

Park at the Gorman Lake trailhead, 892877 and follow a well-defined trail to Gorman Lake, described in Golden Hikes. Hike around the lake (the south shore is quickest) and continue into the draw. Head in a south-west direction, veering left to gain the Gorman-Holt Col, 862873. From there, continue towards Holt Lakes, 875847, losing height gradually on the natural ramp traveller's right. Traverse through a boulder field without descending too much (cliffs); we aimed for a tiny flat area at the top of a treed slope just beyond the boulder field, 871856. A trail suddenly appears and traverses the steep mountainside to the lakes. Look for it, it's a good game trail that saves time and effort; it's visible on Google Earth! Once at a small meadow near the lakes, 872851, ascend easy terrain (climber's right of bluffs) that leads to Holt Peak's north-west facing slopes. Be mindful of cornices along the upper bowl.
gorman lake's outflow

Gorman Lake is just beyond the outflow.

still lots of snow

Still some snow!
Scramble: RT 10.75; 4.75 up. Yet another fantastic outing via lovely Gorman Lake. Holt Peak can probably be reached from Kicking Horse Mountain Resort or Holt Drainage but we chose to travel via Gorman Lake due to active logging in Holt Drainage and a closure to motorized access which adds almost 14 km. The hike to Gorman Lake was fast as usual, some snow patches remained. We travelled around the thawing lake and easily climbed to the col on sun-cupped snow. From there, we traversed towards the boulder field. Hiking through the large boulders is the challenge of this whole trek. We started to look for the trail we noticed on Google Earth and luckily found it just beyond the boulder field. The trail soon led us to a small meadow near Holt Lakes. The straightforward ascent follows the path of least resistance, avoiding bluffs. Higher up, we stayed on snow until we reached the bare north-west slopes. After a quick jaunt, we reached the top. It didn't look like the forecasted afternoon thunderstorms were going to materialize; we stayed on the summit for two hours before considering leaving. It felt warm with the absence of wind, we enjoyed the sights complete with layers of clouds. Our return trip went well, the weather remained good and the gradual climb back to the col was pleasant. On our way back to the lake, we picked up a lot of debris from snowmachines rolling and crashing during the winter.

going around the lake

Going around thawing Gorman Lake.

veering left

Veering towards the col accessing Holt Drainage.

snow slopes to the col

The snow slopes are not as steep as they look.

nearing the col

Nearing the col.

holt peak from the col

Holt Peak and Dawn Mountain (right) from the col.

naturel ramp

A natural ramp grants pleasant hiking to the boulder field.

negotiating the boulder field

Negotiating the boulder field, looking across Holt Drainage.

tiny flat area

We aimed for the tiny flat area at the top of a treed slope.

flagging the trail

From the tiny flat area, Fab finds the trail and flags it.

good trail

The trail is worth looking for.

small meadow

A small meadow at the mountainside.

easy terrain

Easy terrain leads to the upper bowl.

upper bowl

The upper bowl, the summit is on the left.

at the top

At the top.

north-west view

North-west view towards Roger's Pass.

the molars

The Molars (left) and Canyon Creek.

southern view

View to the south.

leaving the top

Leaving the top.

zombie peak

Zombie Peak (center) looks impressive from here.

dawn mountain

Dawn Mountain in front.

holt drainage

Holt Drainage is a stunning place.

sun-cupped snow

Sun-cupped snow is great going up and down.

holt lakes

Holt Lakes are tucked away on a plateau.

back at the meadow

Back at the meadow.


Backtracking on the trail.

gradual climb to the col

We enjoyed the gradual climb back to the col.

last glimpse

Last glimpse at Holt Peak from the col.

opposite col to lang drainage

The opposite col leads into Lang Drainage.

watermelon algea

Swooshing down the pink snow with the smell of watermelons, feels like summer!

almost back at the lake

Almost back at Gorman Lake.

around the lake

Following the trail around the lake.
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