Hailstone Butte

elevation: 2,373 m. height gain: 360 m.
area: South Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/1

Ref: Vern Dewit's Explor8ion leaving fabrice
Heading up the south-east gully.
Hike: RT 7.0 (including Sentinel Peak); 1 hour up to the lookout via the south-east gully from Teardrop Pond. We drove this far to be able to take a long walk out of the snow with the dogs. Fab stayed lower down with our 4 1/2 month old springer Rupert and young Daisy. I proceeded blindly to the lookout with Lincoln. I heard people on the way up but the fog was quite thick and I never saw a soul. The fog lifted on the way down to Sentinel and the sun started to filter through. From Sentinel Peak I noticed the south end of Hailstone Butte appeared slightly higher than the lookout and was dotted with a cairn. On the way back I was easily tempted to hike back to the ridge in the sun via the utility road. Lincoln's paws were good (all the grasses) and the short distance to the south end of the ridge was enjoyable. I took a picture of my loyal hiking partner at the summit cairn and headed down the ridge and west slopes to the utility road down below. Fab waited for me at the locked gate. top of hailstone
Quickly at the top.
Self explanatory.
heading to sentinel
Utility road to Sentinel ???
hiking partner
My hiking partner, Lincoln.
height loss
Leaving the road to shortcut down the ridge to Sentinel.
lookout from south summit
Looking back at the lookout (center) and Sentinel Peak (far left), from the south summit of Hailstone.
burke far back
Plateau Mountain and Mount Burke (far center).
teardrop pond
Teardrop Pond, start of the hike.
top of hailstone
South summit of Hailstone Butte.
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