Great Bear Peak GR:317953

elevation: 1,730 m.
height gain: 70 m. (from Iago Peak)
area: Coquihalla Summit,BC
map 92 H/11

REF: Steven's Peak-Bagging Journey

about to ski down

About to ski down from Iago Peak.
Ski touring: RT 8.0 (includes Iago Peak); 1.0 up from Iago Peak. After convincing Ev that Great Bear Peak was worth a visit, we skied the steep slope to the connecting saddle. Skiing conditions weren't the greatest, neither was the terrain. Within minutes we were putting our skins back on for the short gentle climb to the second objective of the day. The top is sparsely treed and a wooden structure hosting more telemetry dots the summit. The structure offers shelter from the wind and a great place to sit. We ate some yummy sushi while enjoying the view. Backtracking to Iago Peak wasn't bad. Following a quick decent ski to the saddle, we tackled the very steep pitch back up; the climb only took us 12 minutes! Back on Iago Peak, we took the skins off our skis again. Without lingering, we skied the ridge to the north bowl's entry point which is beyond a cliffband. The bowl doesn't offer much vertical but the gladded open terrain is well suited for yo-yo skiing; to return, skiers simply traverse to the ascent ridge. On this warm day, only the upper turns were good; as we skied lower, the snow got grabby. We opted to beeline to the ridge sooner. The remainder of the descent was uneventful. I liked the effortless cruise down the Ottomite Road! This simple ski tour is a good option when conditions for bigger objectives aren't ideal.

connecting saddle

There's a telemetry unit at the connecting saddle.

gentle ascent

Gentle ascent to Great Bear Peak.

nearing the top

Nearing the top in little time.

at the top

At the top, the platform grants shelter and good seating for our lunch break.

zopkios ridge

Zopkios Ridge is impressive from any angle.

great bear snowshed

Looking straight down at the Great Bear Snowshed on the TCH.

markhor and needle peaks

Markhor and Needle Peaks dominate the south-eastern view.

the flatiron

The Flatiron to the south.

bombtram mountain

South-west of here, Bombtram Mountain is another winter objective.


Backtracking to Iago Peak's brief but very steep pitch.

great bear peak

Great Bear Peak is a short side trip.

back on iago peak

Back on Iago Peak.

skiing to the north bowl

Skiing to the north bowl.

north bowl

The north bowl grants good terrain for yo-yo skiing.

skiing the north bowl

Looking back, you can see the cliffs that deny entry higher up.

snow gets grabby

The snow get grabby as we descend lower.

traversing back to the ridge

We're opting to traverse back onto the ascent ridge.

good ski tour

Happy about another nice ski tour!
Picture courtesy of Evelyn Sedelies.
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