Mount Fortune

elevation: 2,332 m. height gain: 580 m.
area: Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB map 82 J/14

Ref: Drew and Mark in the Canadian Rockies.
mount fortune

Mount Fortune across Spray Lakes.
Snowshoe trip: RT 8.0; 4.25 up. This trip is a good winter season objective taking advantage of the frozen Spray Lakes for access. We planned to ascend the treed south ridge, a recent trip report mentioned it was wind scoured but we found the steep slopes loaded with enough snow to cause concern... The south-east ridge is an alternative. Anyhow, our early morning drive was interesting; the clear sky was illuminated by Northern Lights. Fab pulled the truck over and we watched the dancing curtain, a rarity around here. We reached the unplowed parking lot in good time, the sun was shining and we were excited about getting out. We followed a wide track-set trail for a bit before crossing over a couple more trails heading north. The latter one goes down towards the lake; we followed it for a short distance until we noticed tracks leaving it. We knew the tracks were from a group out last week. With no fuss, we got to the frozen lake. We continued across to small growth trees. Ahead, a section of deeper water completes the lake crossing. We dipped down and stepped in slush for about 5 paces, that got us going across quickly! We reached an old road at the foot of the mountain and followed it to the ascent rib. We noticed the other party's blown-in tracks. The climb was OK, the firm midpack held our weight most of the time and we didn't observe any settlements. Once on the ridge, we took off the snowshoes and walked on the stripped ground and rock. This was very pleasant despite the wind. We found a little sheltered nook at the top to take a nice break. By now, the weather started to move in. We came back the same way.
shallow outflow

Shallow outflow from Watridge Creek.

getting closer

The lake's water is deeper ahead unlike the preceding delta.

start of the climb

Start of the climb on firm snow.

looking across the lake

Looking across our approach on the lake.

more snow than it looks

The snowpack looks deceivingly shallow.

on the ridge

The windward side of the ridge is stripped.

summit ahead

The summit is visible, a short distance away.

at the top

Standing by the survey marker.

a cornice

A cornice indicating prevailing wind direction.

north-west ridge

Sub peaks along the north-west ridge.

heading back

Leaving the top.

mount shark across the lake

Mount Shark across the lake.

lots of wind

Wind scouring in action!

down the steep slopes

Back down the steep slopes.

on the old road

On the service road.


Small trees along the lakeshore.
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