Forster, Mount

elevation: 2,494 m. height gain: 1,400 m.
area: Radium,BC map 82 K/9

Drive west of Radium and get onto the Horsethief Creek FSR. Follow it heading west; go straight at a four-way junction, 607057 and left at 575045. This road, indicated on the topo, has yellow km markers; we parked about 100 m. past the 22 km (grassy pull-off), 495028. We hiked up on a skid road, and after about 20 minutes, went through a barbed fence. From there, we climbed while veering right, towards the ascent drainage. We traveled on the west side of the drainage, eventually crossing over to the light timbered east side, near 506042. Higher up, we followed the drainage to open terrain. Grassy slopes lead to bluffs but unseen from below, the gully continues uninterrupted to the south ridge. From there the top is minutes away.

Mount Forster and its ascent gully seen from Mount Bruce.

leaving the car

Following a skid road at the start.
Scramble: RT 6.75; 4.0 up. This trip turned out to be a great local scramble. I had been looking at Forster for a while and with winter still in mind, I proposed an ascent up a south-west facing treed rib. Fab suggested we go up the south-east gully instead, allowing fast, pleasant travel on snow and a more direct route. We were both thrilled to try Fab's route but a bit concerned with a tight section seen on Google Earth. Anyway, off we went, leaving early. We started on a skid road under a hazy sky. Hiking in this thinly forested area was nice; several old roads lead to previous logging activity. Once in the open drainage, the outing was quite enjoyable. We hiked to the bluffs and followed the lower gully filled with firm snow; man, it doesn't get any better! We soon reached the cleavage in the rockband and to our delight, it was bridged with snow and passable. Beyond there, we stood in a steep bowl. The great scenery was overshadowed by my haste to get to the summit ridge. From there, we easily made it to the top, which was surprisingly windy! The western view is spectacular. We didn't stay very long, quickly heading down the same way. After passing the cleavage, we stopped for a well-deserved break. Thanks Fab, this was a good one!
east side of the drainage

Previously logged, this terrain was nice for travelling.

we're on track

Taking a break and checking our position.

easy travel

The ascent drainage opens up.

route still not visible

By veering climber's right, the gully is followed to a cleavage.

great gully

The gully was filled with firm snow, fantastic!

the cleavage

The cleavage finally comes into view, bridged by avalanche debris.

summit ahead

Above the cleavage we notice the summit.

almost on the south ridge

From here, we scramble up to the ridge; right of the cornice.

summit ahead

The summit is quickly accessed.

posing at the top

Posing next to the cairn with an eastern background.

look honey

Mount Nelson, Mount Slade and Mount Law behind Fab.

western view

Looking towards Starbird Range.


Impressive Mount Farnham.

heading down

The quick descent to the upper gully.

taking the plunge

Avalanche hazard should be considered for this route.

no lingering here...

Feeling rather small in this exposed situation.

out of the upper gully

Descending fast, down the cleavage.

thanks fab

Casually heading down the drainage after a good glissade on a garbage bag.
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