Fletcher Peak GR:238164

elevation: 3,145 m.
height gain: 690 m.
area: Las Vegas,Nevada,USA
map USGS 1:24,000 Angel Pk, NV 36115C5 & Charleston Pk, NV 36115C6

Ref: 10 Aventures


Trail map at the trailhead.
Hike: RT 4.5; 2.5 up. Milan planned a road trip to Death Valley to interrupt the winter blues. The trip's highlight would be an ascent of Telescope Peak. After a restful night in Panamint Valley, we drove down Panamint Valley Road and located Wildrose Road, which accesses Charcoal Kilns Road from the west side; it was closed due to extensive road erosion caused by hurricane Hilary's flash flood in August. We backtracked to the main road that connects Panamint Valley and Stovepipe Wells (SR 190); after driving over Towne Pass, we reached the second trailhead at Emigrant Campground. We continued up Emigrant Canyon Road; to our dismay, that access was also closed due to the summer's flood. We were very disappointed; we had travelled three days to set foot on Telescope Peak. After the initial shock, we focused on making another plan. We decided to hike nearby Mosaic Canyon, then head to Las Vegas to attempt Charleston Peak. The following morning, we drove to Charleston's trailhead, a gate bared the way due to a seasonal closure. I was in disbelief; how can we have so much misfortune? We got back in the car and drove to the Lee Canyon Ski area while looking for a hiking trail; we settled on the North Loop Trail. The well-trodden trail offered shelter from the cold wind. A skiff of snow blanketed the ground, and rime decorated tree branches; those were a reminder that it was winter. Despite limited views along the way, the remarkable Bristlecone pines' fascinating twisting forms were awe-inspiring. I was unaware this trail led to a summit as Milan chose the hike; hence, it was a delightful surprise when we veered off the main trail towards Fletcher Peak. Unfortunately, low clouds obscured the view; sometimes, we got a glimpse of Mummy Mountain and its surroundings. Although this hike wasn't nearly what we intended, it still was a pleasant objective. At that point, we vowed to return to Death Valley in 2024 to visit Telescope Peak and Mount Charleston!

open forest

The open forest consists of interesting trees.

good trail

The well-trodden trail isn't busy on this cool overcast day.

milan waiting for me

Milan waiting for me.

mummy mountain

Mummy Mountain comes into view.

bristlecone pine

Fascinating Bristlecone pines dominate the terrain.

fletcher peak

After veering onto Fletcher Peak Trail, the objective is straight ahead.

looking back

Looking back.

gnarly giants

Very little undergrowth underneath these gnarly giants.

rocky point

The rocky point that precedes the summit.

obscured view

The view is obscured by low clouds.

true summit

Short jaunt to the treed summit which is a lesser viewpoint.


Backtracking to the North Loop Trail.

view south

View south towards Mount Charleston's trailhead.

main trail

Resuming our return on the main trail.
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