Flattop Mountain (Dg26) GR:082637

elevation: 2,477 m. height gain: 915 m.
area: Golden,BC map 82 N/2

Ref: Golden Hikes
near the trailhead

Fab puts new booties on the hounds.
Scramble: RT 5.5; 3.25 up. The weather seemed unstable everywhere, we decided to do something close to home; Flattop came to mind. We would have to use our '82 Ford pickup since our "better truck" is inoperable. Despite the age and appearance, she's in good shape and got us to the cabin. We parked there and walked the last 200 meters to the trailhead. The trail is easy to follow, especially at this time of the year when the shrubs are denuded. Further, the snow concealed it but we just followed the drainage and gained the south-west ridge near the back of the draw. From there, we could see the summit cairn. Aware of the drop on the east side of the summit ridge, we put the dogs on leash before continuing. It was windy at the top; the view was restricted but still nice with the beautiful layers of clouds. We moved rocks to make a flat area for the dogs to coil on; Flattop Mountain is not flat! After emptying our packs and sheltering the dogs with our jackets, all we had left was our orange garbage bags. We put them on and recalled how last year, on a scramble up Mount Crook (Oct 24th), we also had to wear the orange bags. We joked about the Halloween dress-up... The top was not the best place for a stay, after 15-20 minutes, we started down. We soon released the hounds and they followed the footprints in the snow, ahead of us, still full of energy.
at the start

The start of the trail.

avalanche path

Going across the avalanche path, glad there are no leaves.

nice trail

The trail is obvious in the forest.

along the creek

We followed a path along the creek.

further up

Further up the drainage, 10-15 cm of snow.

lincoln waiting

Lincoln is perched ahead, waiting.

looking back

Looking back.

gaining the ridge

Almost on the ridge, the summit is visible.

cresting on the ridge

Nice broad ridge behind Fab.

rupert is always near

South-western view.

near the top

Walking along the ascent ridge.

tugged to the top

The top is left of center, now we leash-up the dogs.

looking south

The view is restricted but beautiful nonetheless.

steep backdrop

Northern view beyond Flattop's summit ridge.

summit picture

A quick pause next to the cairn.

daisy is hiding

The doggies are bundled up but we can't linger.

nice scenery

The broad ridge and ponds would be nice to explore in the summer.

fast return

Heading back.

along the creek

Valley clouds are lifting.
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