Finnback Knob (Horseshoe Loop)

elevation: 4,087 m.  height gain: 210 m. (includes height loss)
area: Fairplay,Colorado,USA
map USGS 1:24;000 Mount Sherman,
        CO 39106B2

leaving horseshoe mountain

Leaving the summit of Horseshoe Mountain with Mounts Sheridan and Sherman in front of me.
Scramble: RT 9.5 (includes Horseshoe and Peerless Mountains); 45 minutes up from Horseshoe Mountain. After a fantastic climb up Boudoir Couloir and a satisfying break at the shack, I walked to the summit of Horseshoe Mountain. I took several pictures before descending towards Finnback Knob. When I saw its location, I was slightly discouraged; going down Horseshoe's talus slope wasn't the worse thing but having to climb back up as tired as I was didn't appeal to me. Did I really want The Knob that bad? Of course I did! I know from experience that if I backed down, I would end up regretting it... so I carried on and kept my eyes on the prize. Travel was a bit tedious at first, I looked forward to stepping onto snow near the saddle but by now, the odd step sank unpredictably. Once at the saddle, the rest was mainly a short hike with a slight incline. I stayed on ground and rocks as much as possible. The top of The Knob actually offers surprising views of Leadville, Twin Lakes and the Sawatch Range. I sat down and considered taking a nap but I resisted the temptation, I'm sure I would have fallen asleep. I savoured the view and the perfect weather, I was happy to have made the side trip to Finnback. With that said, don't be fooled, visiting Finnback Knob is more like climbing Horseshoe Mountain a second time around!!

finnback knob

Finnback Knob requires height loss, this side trip is more like ascending Horseshoe Mountain twice...

almost at the saddle

Almost at the saddle.

mounts elbert and massive

Mounts Elbert (left) and Massive (right).

town of leadville

Turquoise Lake and the lovely town of Leadville.

at the saddle

Once at the saddle, a pleasant short hike leads to the summit.

at the top

Northern view of the Sawatch Range and distant Gore Range.

southern sawatch range

Southern section of the lengthy Sawatch Range.

horseshoe mountain

The climb back up Horseshoe is more significant than Finnback's ascent.

mount princeton

Sawatch 14ers to the south, Mount Princeton is absolutely stunning from all angles!

laplata peak

One of my all time favorites is LaPlata Peak (left center).

view north

The Gore Range in the distance to the north.

horseshoe take 2

Horseshoe Mountain take 2!

blocky talus

Blocky terrain with softening snow is a treat...

heading to peerless mountain

On my way to the "freebie" of this loop, Peerless Mountain.

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