Eos Peak GR:874872

elevation: 2,737 m. height gain: 915 m.
area: Golden,BC map 82 N/6

Park at the Gorman Lake trailhead, 892877 and follow a well-defined trail to Gorman Lake, described in Golden Hikes. Hike around the lake (the south shore is quickest) and continue into the draw. Head in a south-west direction, veering left to gain the Gorman-Holt Col, 862873. The south-west slopes are easily climbed to the top, 874872.
at the lake

Still very snowy up here, the back of the draw in view, (picture taken a week earlier on a trip up Zombie Peak).
Scramble: This region lends itself to fairly easy scrambling. The Gorman Lake trailhead at 1800 m. combined with the nice trail, make this an ideal area for peak bagging! We dropped down 200 m. from the col to leave our overnight gear (Dawn attempt the following day). Very nice worry-free trip up a tall local mountain.

Eos Peak towers above the lake, (a week early).

veering towards the col

Beyond the lake, we veered left towards the col.

heading to the col

Heading to the col.

traverse to the summit

The traverse from the col to Eos Peak, as seen from Holt Peak.

straightforward terrain

Here's another look at the traverse.

zombie's ascent is visible

At the top of Eos Peak, looking north.

holt drainage

Dawn Mountain and Moonraker behind it (left of center).

sleep over

Bivi at the base of Dawn Mountain.

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