Emma's Peak GR:133558

elevation: 2,550 m. height gain: 865 m.
area: Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB map 82 O/3

ref: Sodbuster's trip report
along the canal

Starting at the southern gate along the canal.
Snowshoe trip: RT 6.5; 3.75 up. I didn't know this peak had a register and a name until I came across a couple of trip reports; it seemed the outing could be a good shoulder season objective. The ascent is straightforward, our main concern was snow conditions at treeline. Charles came along for the jaunt. The shallow snowpack offered little resistance, we used the snowshoes to benefit from the crampons and edges. We ascended the steep terrain with relative ease until treeline, where the snow got deeper. The snowpack didn't evoke confidence; luckily, we travelled along the edge of the ascent rib, avoiding most open snow pockets. Above treeline, the terrain was scoured to rock. The temperature was unseasonably warm, near zero at the top (11 Celsius on our drive here); this compensated for the insane wind gusts that we experienced. At times the gusts were so strong we had to stop and brace ourselves. Once at the top, we managed to put on extra layers and takes pictures without losing anything to the wind. We sat on our snowshoes while we grabbed a bite and enjoyed this invigorating weather. The register was slopping wet, I couldn't read much of it and quickly tucked it back in the pipe. On our return, we stopped often to take video clips of the wind gusts, I truly felt energized! We indulged with another break in the sun at treeline, sheltered from the wind, after which I resumed the descent without snowshoes. Today felt like spring time!

the objective

Mount Lawrence Grassy (left) and Emma's Peak on the right with Ship's Prow at the far right.

almost no snow

Almost no snow, keeping the snowshoes for the crampons.

down to ground

Punching to ground but the snowpack is still shallow.

deeper snow

Deeper rotten snow, we avoided open pockets.

along the edge

Glad to be hiking along the edge.


Starting to feel the breeze!

goggles on

Goggles on for the alpine.

go stop brace

Go, stop, brace... go, go, go!

almost there

Almost there.

at the top

Wind gusts are fierce but the temperature is mild and the sun shines now and then.

illegible register

Soaked register is illegible.

ship's prow mountain

Ship's Prow Mountain.

scramble to ship's prow

The scramble down to Ship's Prow is snow ladden.

heading down

Heading down.

sensational wind

The wind is sensational, quite electrifying!

more wind

It's tough to keep steady.

snow transport

Snow being transported to Saskatchewan.

wind again

More wind.

feels like spring

Feels like spring.

sheltered once more

Sheltered once more.

another fine day

Another fine day in the mountains, ah yeah!
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