Dogtooth Peak GR:843825

elevation: 2,838 m. height gain: 2,200 m. (includes height loss)
area: Golden,BC map 82 N/6

Park at the Gorman Lake trailhead, 892877 and follow a well-defined trail to Gorman Lake, described in Golden Hikes. Hike around the lake, the south shore is quickest and continue into the draw. Head in a south-west direction, veering left to gain the Gorman-Holt Col, 862873. Drop down and hike towards Dawn Mountain's north ridge. Rockbands guard the ridge, we ascended climber's right of some bluffs; a cornice may need to be negotiated. Once on the ridge, it is a pleasant walk to the broad summit. Descend the west ridge into the headwaters of Canyon Creek, travel in the meadows below or execute a traverse on a natural bench to the outflows of Dogtooth-Moonraker's eastern basin. Make your way up to the basin and continue ascending steep terrain to the col. An easy hike on blocky terrain leads to the top.


At the trailhead, leaving the truck for the porcupine!

boulder field

The trail goes through a boulder field, Zombie Peak in the background.
Scramble: RT 18.25 (includes Moonraker Peak); 9.5 up. With a well established high pressure system over the area and temperatures in the mid 30's, we focused on staying cool and hydrated throughout the week. We were making plans to tackle a long trip with some friends on monday but as the week progressed, monday's forecast deteriorated. A fellow scrambler from Calgary was visiting Golden for the weekend to play golf with friends, Sonny was interested in going out on sunday before returning to Calgary. Since we were considering postponing the monday trip due to foul weather, we started thinking about plan B. Moonraker Peak came to mind, this 25+ kilometer trip would grant the opportunity to summit two peaks while taking advantage of long days. I suggested it to Sonny and he agreed to come along for the marathon. After a late night with him and his friends, we managed a good 4 hours of sleep before meeting on Golf Course Drive at 5:30 AM. Sonny hopped in the truck with us and we drove to the Gorman Lake trailhead. It was already warm; sunburned from work, I decided to cover up with a light white cotton hoodie for the day. We casually made our way up to Gorman Lake and Gorman-Holt Col, benefiting from Eos Peak's shadow. Once in the sun, the heat felt intense; lucky for us, a light breeze kept us from overheating. We hiked at a slow pace and stopped often to drink water. We awkwardly gained Dawn Mountain's north ridge at the edge of a lingering cornice and followed it to within meters of the top. Fabrice decided to accompany Sonny to Dawn's summit cairn. Then, we went down the west ridge into the headwaters of Canyon Creek. This reminded me of Molar Mountain which also requires dropping into an adjacent valley... some objectives have a bigger price of admission! I enjoyed the meadows and gentle hiking before ascending again. We climbed steep grassy terrain next to a drainage and filled our bottles while crossing the creek. We were getting close now, we continued towards the basin on sun-cupped snow. The slopes to the col are steep and the presence of substantial sections of cornice didn't evoke confidence. A good chunk of cornice already had failed, we climbed straight line towards the gap. On the steeper upper section, we steered away from the shallow snow and scrambled on rock to the col. With a good lead, I took off my crampons and started heading to Dogtooth Peak; Fab decided to wait at the col. The hike on blocky terrain is easy, I reached the top in 20 minutes. The views are great but I didn't linger, I didn't want Fab and Sonny to wait. While descending, I looked at Moonraker, it's short but steep. I hoped we would reach the top safely.

gorman lake

Gorman Lake and Bokor Peak.

south shore trail

Following the trail along the lake's south shore.

back of the draw

Back of the draw, no more trail.

heading to the col

Heading to the Gorman-Holt Col.

looking back

Looking back at Gorman Lake.

in the shade

Benefiting from Eos Peak's shadow.

pink snow

We love pink summer snow that smells like watermelon.

dawn mountain

Dawn Mountain from the col.

climbing to the ridge

Climbing to the north ridge.

holt drainage below

Holt's upper draw below.

a cornice guards the way

Walking to the far end of the cornice.

awkward position

Awkward position on steep loose terrain.

pleasant plod

Pleasant plod on Dawn Mountain's north ridge.

top of dawn mountain

Sonny Bou on Dawn Mountain for summit number one today.

dogtooth and moonraker

Dogtooth (center) and Moonraker Peaks still a ways away...

dropping into canyon creek

Dropping into Canyon Creek's headwaters.

ascending a grassy slope

Ascending a steep grassy slope before crossing the creek near the snowline and filling our bottles.

sun-cupped snow

Travelling on sun-cupped snow towards the basin.

getting close

Finally, we're getting close.

putting crampons on

Putting crampons on.

lingering cornice

Not thrilled about the lingering sections of cornice.

looking back

Looking back.

straight up

Straight up the firm snow.

on rock higher up

Scrambling on rock higher up.

heading up dogtooth

Setting my sight on Dogtooth Peak.

easy hike

An easy hike on blocky terrain leads to the top.

at the top

Dogtooth Peak is the highest in the Dogtooth Range, by 2 meters!

view south

View south.

mount sir donald

To the west, Mount Sir Donald steals the show.

view towards the ski area

Canyon Creek and Kicking Horse Mountain Resort slightly right of center.

moonraker peak

Heading back down with Moonraker in front of me.

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