Dauntless Mountain

elevation: 2,598 m.
height gain: 770 m. (from the ATV)
area: Golden,BC
map 82 N/6

Park at Quartz Creek parking lot on the south side of highway 1, 768035. Quad or bike the Quartz Creek FSR to the sign indicating the end of motorized traffic, 767932. From there, hike a short distance on the trail past some open slopes on the left, aiming for the forest's edge, 764925. Ascend to the ridge and head south-east towards Dauntless Mountain's highpoint, 783911. Near the summit, difficulties are easily circumvented on the south side. The official summit (50 m. lower) is about 2 kilometers away along the connecting ridge.

no atv beyond this point

After about 13 kilometers, we parked the ATV at the sign.
Scramble: RT 8.75; 4.5 up (from the ATV). After a short absence from the mountains, I was keen to get out, despite the forecasted rainy weather. I had to plan a short and easy trip close to home because I was recovering from surgery and I was leaving for Montreal the next day; Dauntless Mountain came to mind. I managed to convince Fabrice; this could be our last outing without snowshoes or skis. At the parking lot, the sound of rain on the truck wasn't motivating but we were prepared... We suited-up with our Helly Hansen rain gear and used the ATV for a quick approach. After parking the ATV at a sign indicating the end of motorized access, we hiked for a short distance along a wide trail. We left the trail and started climbing along the forest's edge to gain the ascent ridge. Along the way, the rain turned to wet snow. Once on ridge, the wind picked up drastically; we were very pleased to have our rain gear! We continued on the ridge feeling quite sheltered from the elements. Travel was easy but I walked very slowly to prevent a mishap. Even with reduced visibility, we simply followed the ridge. The terrain becomes more complex near the top but luckily, we were able to circumvent difficulties. We were happy to reach the summit; we didn't mind the weather or lack of view. We retraced our steps back down after a brief pause and took a couple of nice breaks where we found some shelter from the wind. We reached the truck before dusk and drove home with the heater on full blast; now I was ready to go back east!

prepared for rain

Prepared for a long day out in the rain.

ascent slope ahead

Following a short walk, we ascended the right skyline along the forest's edge.


The rain quickly turned to wet snow.

nearing the ridge

Nearing the north-west ridge.

it's windy on the ridge

It's very windy on the ridge, hurray for Helly Hansen!!!

along the ridge

Visibility was greatly reduced.

circumventing a rockband

We circumvented this broken rockband climber's left.

looking back

Looking back.

more interesting terrain

The terrain becomes more interesting.

deep snowdrift

Some deep snowdrifts along the way.

further along the ridge

Further along the ridge.

nearing the summit

Nearing the summit.

complex summit ridge

Navigating through complex terrain just ahead of the summit.

at the top

The highest point of Dauntless Mountain, yippee!

at the top

Looking down Cabin Valley (local name).

at the top

The ridge drops and continues to the lower official summit, 2 kilometers away.

happy to turn around

We're happy to turn around after a brief break enjoying the view and weather!

heading back

Leaving the top.

last glimpse towards the summit

Last glimpse towards the summit.


Retracing our steps.

lower down

More of the same.

there's already some sloughing

On the way down, we noticed some sloughing on the north side.

the wind is relentless

Still quite windy.

diminishing snow

The snow is diminishing.

snow has changed to rain

Easy trekking back down, the snow has changed to rain.

back on the trail

Back on the trail.
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