Crowfoot Mountain

elevation: 1,979 m.
height gain: 1,400 m.
area: Celista,BC
map 82 M/3

Ref: Recreation Sites and Trails BC

trail map

Trail map provided by the snowmobiling club.
Snowshoe trip: RT 12.75 (includes Mount Mobley); 5.25 up. Crowfoot is a vast plateau-like mountain that is a very popular snowmobiling area. The official summit itself is merely a bump along the way to Mount Mobley. The mountain hosts three warming cabins, one of which is on a neighboring peak called Mount Fowler (also known as Grizzly Peak). The goal of my trip was to hike on the groomed snowmobile trail to the Mobley Lookout where one of the cabins is perched on a cliff's edge. The challenge was the distance, 18 kilometers one way, combined with significant height gain. Additionally, I decided to bring my camping gear as I planned to forgo staying in the tiny shelter because of COVID; carrying the extra weight made the trek more arduous. After paying a small parking fee at the trailhead and registering with the attendant to avoid an unnecessary rescue, I began hiking. I followed Sheep Trail and The Face shaving some distance. Many snowmobilers stopped to inquire about my trip, some were baffled while others were impressed. Near the summit, I had to use my GPS to locate the official highpoint. From the groomed trail, it was difficult to discern which mound was the highest. I put on my snowshoes for that very short side trip. From the summit, I was able to peer down the south side towards Shuswap Lake. It was a nice day and it felt like spring. All the height gain was behind me; what remained was a delightful casual walk in open terrain. After a quick snack, I continued along the plateau to Mount Mobley.

start of trail

Grooming equipment at the start of the trail.

steep shortcuts

Sheep Trail and The Face are steep shortcuts.

looking back

Looking back over Shuswap Lake towards Blind Bay and Sorrento.

less traffic here

Most of the sled traffic is along Easy Street as this isn't groomed anymore.

crowfoot comes into view

After 3 hours, Crowfoot Mountain comes into view.

mount ida

To the south, the top of Mount Ida is revealed.

terrain levels off

The terrain levels off on the plateau that is better known as Crowfoot Meadows.

summit ahead

The summit is somewhere ahead.

anstey range

From the summit, the impressive peaks of the Anstey Range come into view.

view south

Bastion Mountain with Mount Ida behind it, the town of Salmon Arm is between the two.

revelstoke peaks

Mounts Begbie and English amongst other Revelstoke gems can be seen south-east of here.

mount fowler

To the north-east, the Anstey Range rises above Mount Fowler.

south-western view

South-western view.

mount mobley

My next objective, Mount Mobley.

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