Crotte Ridge GR:886895

elevation: 2,545 m. height gain: 725 m.
area: Golden,BC map 82 N/6

Park at the Gorman Lake trailhead, 892877 and follow a well-defined trail to Gorman Lake, described in Golden Hikes. Contour the lake's eastern tip, 866884 and ascend the grassy slopes in a northerly direction until you gain the ridge. Follow the ridge, heading east to its prominent summit, 886895. It is possible to extend the ridge walk.
heading to gorman

Minutes away from the lake, Zombie Peak behind Fab.
Scramble: Very interesting feeling to be walking on this ridge in misty, gray weather. It was dreary and I remember it being mild and relatively calm. Appropriate outing for the conditions, not too long and close to home. This ridge shoulders Zombie Peak's eastern side. Fab and I had previously named Zombie Peak after our feline buddy Bilbo before noticing it had a name (through Bivouac). We had also named the ridge for our wild kitty P'tite Crotte which partnered her older fellow feline friend, Bilbo... So now you know...
gorman lake and the clamshell

This picture taken from Zombie Peak, shows the gentle grade up to Crotte Ridge (left).

along the ridge

A nice ridge walk to the top.

at the top

At the highest point on the ridge.
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