Mount Crook

elevation: 2,596 m. height gain: 1,285 m.
area: Brisco,BC map 82 K/16

Drive to Kindersley/Pinnacle FSR, 16.5 km north of Radium. Follow for about 8.5 km and turn right, 633249; park at an equestrian camp 500 meters down the road. The rest of the road is washed-out in places and is used as a horse trail. Follow the trail heading east along the drainage, at 645259, it veers south-east and intersects the ascent drainage, 648258. Ascend climber's left of the drainage through a previously logged area gaining the creekbed just prior to some bluffs. The bluffs are circumvented by climbing a steep slope along the base of the slabs until it is possible to start traversing into the draw. We travelled below more bluffs without gaining or losing too much height and eventually reached the creekbed. Continue up the drainage until extensive bluffs and a tall waterfall impede the way, 653264; from there, you need to pick your way through the bluffs climber's left of the drainage. Several options requiring moderate scrambling exist. Bushwhacking is not bad; with luck, finding several game trails helps. Above the waterfall, we came out of the trees and traversed into the open slide path. Easy hiking leads to sheer slabs and the ascent ridge. A steep exposed grassy ramp, 655271, conveniently traverses up and through the slabs to the ascent ridge. The summit ridge is then reached and easily heads to the top.

It is worth visiting Shyster Peak while you're there!


Aquaduct along Kindersley FSR.

happy halloween

Dressed as a pumpkin, ready to go!


The trailhead and Mount Crook in the background, left.
Scramble: RT 6.5; 4.0 up. Another "hit and miss" trip planned from Google Earth. We brought the quad, it looked as if we could possibly use it to get to the ascent gully. On the way there, the weather wasn't really nice, when we parked the drizzle intensified. We slowly got our stuff together, unloaded the quad and hung out in the truck for a bit. The forecast called for clearing in the morning, therefore we kept our hopes high and pursued the goal. We started by heading out on the wrong service road, after a couple of kilometers we found the right trailhead: the equestrian camp. Soon thereafter, we were forced to leave the quad behind. The good trail quickly led us to the ascent drainage. It is hard to describe our route exactly: a lot of bushwhacking intersected by game trails with some travelling around and through bluffs. Although the route is fairly straightforward, the hiking is not the most pleasant. The trip becomes enjoyable nearing the slide path. We pursued the summit with replenished energy. The grassy ramp offered a direct route up to the ascent ridge. The ground was still soft and offered good purchase; it is not a good place for a slip! Finally, at treeline, the race for the top was on. The wind picked up snow and pack straps, whipping them around. Without goggles, we put our heads down and plodded up. We were happy to see the rimed summit cairn and relieved we didn't have to venture along the broken ridge further north. We stayed no more than 5 minutes before retreating back down to treeline. After a nice break, we backtracked almost the same way we came up.
nice trail

On the horse trail, along the creek.

typical terrain

In the drainage, avoiding bluffs pushes us high above the creekbed.

the odd bluff

High bluffs.

looking back

Looking back at our approach.

coming out of the trees

Finally out of the trees, we veer left, up an open slide path.

it opens up

The nice slide path. Ahead, across the slabs is the grassy ramp.

grassy ramp

We ascend the grassy ramp.

steep terrain

It is steep; luckily the ground isn't frozen yet.

getting closer

The summit comes into view, yeah!

a better view

We gained the ridgeline on the left hand side.

summit ridge

Summit ridge.

at the top

Blistery wind at the top.

drifting snow

The southern view.

heading down

Heading back down the same way.


Almost back in the trees for a sheltered break.

down the ramp

The slide path.

back to the creek

Back on the horse trail.
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