Coral Mountain

elevation: 2,476 m. height gain: 1,225 m.
area: Parson,BC map 82 N/2

Find a dirt road on the east side of highway 95 just north of the general store in Parson, 237592. Follow to a T-junction, 257600, and turn left. Drive for about 500 meters and take a right, 253603. Continue, staying right at 257608, to a small landing, 261610. Park here. High clearance vehicle recommended. The goal is to ascend the south rib of an unnamed outlier until it tapers, 264618. From there, start to contour heading in the drainage and look for a treed gully on the opposite side, 266621. Follow this straightforward gully to its crest, 269623. Climb this rib for about 130 meters and start veering climber's right towards another drainage, 274628. Once in the proper draw, it is easy to reach the saddle to the east and summit close by.
from the car

From the landing we head for the stand of trees.

small bluff

Just beyond the stand of trees, a bluff needs surmounting.
Scramble: RT 8.5; 4.25 up. Yahoooo, another successful local outing planned with Google Earth. Route finding starts from the highway where you must find the access road; it looks like a driveway between two houses. This one was a stretch from the start without the truck. With recent rain, depressions on the service road were filled with water. Fab drove the Sunfire through several holes but one was particularly deep; we almost got stuck... We made it to the landing for the next challenge: finding our way to the proper draw and saddle. Like its neighbor Tower Peak, the treed terrain reduces visibility and bluffs are circumvented along the way. Navigational skills are an asset along with flagging tape. There is no trail; the bushwhacking is mostly light with some deadfall sections. We focused on finding the treed gully and hoped it would lead us to the second ascend rib. It did. From there we climbed and traversed climber's right until we got sight of the proper draw. We still had to pick our way around bluffs to reach treeline at the head of the drainage. Once in the draw it is easy hiking. From the saddle, the summit ridge appears difficult but it isn't. Oddly, a huge cairn sits a the top but this is not a popular trip... Nonetheless, we very much enjoyed the challenge; we're happy to be here. Now for the descent, which will prove to be a good exercise in backtracking. Although we we're sometimes slightly off the original path saying "this is the general direction", we found our way back. The descent was uneventful but not without a few minor corrections. For the final crux, crossing the mud puddle with the car... The anticipation was killing Fab!

in the trees

Typical terrain.

treed gully

Getting a glimpse of the treed gully we are aiming for.

fab's building a cairn

In the drainage, looking for the treed gully.

memorizing terrain

Ascending the gully, I look back at the rib we traversed from.

ascent gully

Straightforward treed gully.

proper drainage

Some bluffs to go through before reaching the proper draw.

looking back

Again, looking back to facilitate route finding upon return.

in the draw

Nearing treeline in the proper draw.


It is easy hiking from here.

nice day

The Columbia Valley below.


The saddle.

on the saddle

On the saddle, Coral's false summit appears.


The summit is at the far left.

summit ridge

The Goodsirs on the right.

almost there

Tower Peak in the background.

last bit

Summit ridge.

huge cairn

Impressive cairn for a seldom visited mountain.

yeah man

Yeah, another local scramble from Google Earth.


Very few entries in the recently placed register.


One more summit dance.

heading back

Heading back.


Traversing towards the second ascent rib.

back in the trees

Negotiating bluffs.

down the gully

Back down the treed gully.
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