Coleman, Mount

elevation: 3,135 m. height gain: 1,700 m.
area: Icefields Parkway,AB map 83 C/2

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies good trail
Following the trail towards Sunset Pass.
Scramble: RT 11.0; 6.25 up. Mount Coleman is an alluring tall mountain accessed by a popular trail; it warrants a visit! With a promising forecast, we were quick to plan an attempt; we called Charles, who's always keen to get out in the backcountry. We met him at the trailhead and got a quick start up the pleasant trail. After two hours, we reached the twin falls where we crossed, leaving the trail behind. We aimed for the slide path and soon veered towards the forest to evade the alder. Light bushwhacking led to treeline and a lovely ascent to the col on firm snow. From there we weren't too sure where the route went exactly but as we got closer to the upper mountain, the way became clear. We clambered onto the summit ridge with little difficulty. We continued towards the summit and were surprised when we saw the top so near. A couple of steps close to the edge, over the steep north glacier is the crux; it is followed by a short traverse on the glacier prior the summit block. We sat at the top for quite a long time. The view is spectacular from this lofty viewpoint and even more enjoyable when there are few clouds and the breeze is cooling on a hot day. We came down the same way and took advantage of the softened snow. We managed to avoid the alder in the bottom of the slide path by continuing along the forest's edge, climber's left. Once on the trail, we carried on a good pace back to the parking lot. Some trip reports mention that the scramble is less difficult than expected, we agree. twin falls
We left the trail and crossed over the twin falls.
slide path
Bottom of the slide path, we quickly beelined to the forest climber's right.
At treeline, the view opens up and the ascent to the col is revealed.
hiking on snow
Hiking up the snow was great.
more snow
More snow to assist our plod to the col.
at the col
At the col, we aim for the shallow gully (snowpatches).
frozen tarn
Frozen tarn on the north side of the ascent slope.
distinct rock outcrop
We veered climber's right and went towards a distinct rock outcrop.
either way around
Going left of the outcrop is a bit more difficult than the right side.
upper gully
The upper gully is straightforward.
summit ridge
Once on the summit ridge, we are moments away from the top.
cirrus mountain
Cirrus Mountain.
The crux, a couple of steps over the very steep north glacier.
short glacier traverse
Short glacier traverse to the summit block.
summit block
Moving onto the summit block.
minutes away
Minutes away!
at the top
At the top with Mount Columbia (left margin).
view south-west
Alexandra River to the south-west.
columbia in the distance
Mount Columbia lined up with Coleman's false summit.
view east
Eastern view.
leaving the top
Leaving the top.
back to the glacier
Crossing over to the glacier.
death grip!
Hanging on for dear life!
short summit ridge
Short summit ridge with exquisite sights.
looking down the upper gully
Back down the upper gully, the distinct outcrop is in the middle.
back on snow
Charles practices with the alpine axe.
Back at treeline.
creek crossing
We crossed just below the twin falls and rejoined the trail.
awesome day out
Awesome day out in the mountains!
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