The Clamshell GR:906877

elevation: 2,597 m. height gain: 795 m.
area: Golden,BC map 82 N/6

Park at the Gorman Lake trailhead, 892877, described in Golden Hikes. From there head in a south-east direction towards a steep slope and continue on the same bearing until out of the trees. Aim for the col, 902868, it is easily reached. We contoured the south-west slopes over to the south ridge. The ridge is interrupted with bluffs, to overcome the obstacle we opted to traverse below the rockband over to the south-east face until we could circumvent it. We then climbed up to gain the ridge very near the top. The summit is a short walk away! clamshell
The Clamshell seen from Golden.
Scramble: This was an easy outing, with a trailhead almost at treeline and a fairly straightforward scramble. Fab started out having to drive back home to get his hiking boots while we, Shelley, Nevada, Susan, Apollo and myself, started slowly towards the col. Fab caught up with us on the snow. The weather was less than ideal. We got it all: rain, wind, hail and socked-in sky. Our summit pictures look like people, rock and dog plastered on a gray background!  west side of the clamshell
The west side of The Clamshell.
snow slope
Just before the col.
south-west aspect
From the col, we traversed the south-west aspect to the south ridge (picture taken from Holt Lakes).
last bit
Almost at the top, The Molars in the background.
Summit picture.
apollo at the top
Apollo posing.
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