Cheops Mountain

elevation: 2,581 m. height gain: 1,265 m.
area: Rogers Pass,BC map 82 N/5

Park at the Discovery Center in Rogers Pass and hike along the well-defined trail to Balu Pass. From the pass, head towards Cheops Mountain's west ridge, a noticeable trail exists most of the way. Straightforward scrambling on steep blocky terrain is encountered along the summit ridge. **check trail restrictions** cheops mountain
Cheops Mountain from Balu Pass Trail.
Scramble: RT 9.0; 5.0 up. This objective is straightforward and pleasant, it grants superb views of tall mountains and glaciers in close proximity. Fab and I were looking forward to visiting Connaught Creek in the summer; we've come here countless times but only in the winter! We met our friend Val at the trailhead; it had been a while since we'd seen him. We casually hiked up the trail, engaged in conversation. The weather was better than expected; we took full advantage of that, taking numerous pauses along the way. The familiar terrain is very bushy without its heavy carpet of snow but the surrounding mountains are just as beautiful. We ate lunch at Balu Pass, then we headed towards the blocky west ridge. The ascent is nice, we found a trail and saw lots of cairns. The summit ridge is easy scrambling on steep and sometimes exposed terrain. Two huge rocks at the summit offer shade or shelter; it's a fine place for a picnic on a hot day. well maintained trail
The trail is very well maintained, the sides are even trimmed!
One of Connaught Creek's ambassadors.
Stoneworks form the path before the pass.
yellow brick road
Looking back from the pass, the "yellow brick road" is clearly visible in the meadow on the right.
balu peak
A sub peak of Ursus Major, which is also known as Balu Peak.
at the pass
Bonney Glacier across the valley, south-east of us.
leaving balu pass
Leaving Balu Pass behind.
rockier terrain
Rockier terrain on the way to the summit ridge.
video, ursus minor and grizzly
Video Peak (left), Ursus Minor (center) and Grizzly Mountain (right).
broad ridge
Easy trekking on the broad ridge.
summit ridge
The summit ridge and Mount Sir Donald just behind.
mount rogers
Mount Rogers (Rogers, Grant, Fleming, Swiss and Truda Peaks) and Hermit Mountain on the right.
mount dawson
The Asulkan Valley and Mount Dawson in the background.
blocky west ridge
Blocky terrain on the west ridge.
more ridge
Fab notices a rap anchor accessing the north face.
summit ahead
The summit is just ahead.
almost there
Last steps to the top.
val and fab at the summit
Fab and Val at the summit cairn.
sitting by the cairn
Assise comme une madame!
piece of wood
Aug 23, 1930; really?
several glaciers
Illecillewaet, Asulkan and Bonney Glaciers.
great spot for a picnic
Great spot for a picnic with sun or shade.
leaving the top
Leaving the top.
typical terrain
Typical terrain.
treeline already
At treeline already.
nearing the pass
Nearing the pass.
back on the trail
Back on the trail.
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