Chaperon Mountain

elevation: 2,655 m. height gain: 755 m. (from the landing)
area: Donald,BC map 82 N/11

From Golden, drive west on highway 1 and exit at Donald. Head north on the Bush River FSR (gravel). Continue in a north-westerly direction staying on the main road, keeping track of the yellow kilometer markers along the side; the harbour is at kilometer 42. Park there or at the start of Chaperon's access road, past the 43 marker, 610341. It is possible to drive partway with a truck, we chose an ATV to reach the landing at the end of the road, 670295. Hike on the skid road and continue into the draw, 683287. Gain the north-west ridge, the summit is a short distance away. unloading
Unloading at the harbour.
Scramble: RT 7.75; 3.75 up (from the landing). It's hard to wrap up the hiking season when the weather is persistently fine. I had a good feeling we could still reach high places using an ATV, Chaperon Mountain is a good candidate for such a trip. We drove to the harbour, parked and unloaded the ATV as it got light; some people were putting their boat on the water to go fishing. We quickly located the 15-kilometer access road and climbed 1,100 meters in height to the landing; driving a truck would be sporty on the upper stretch of the road. The snow had a firm crust that supported our weight without snowshoes. We casually plodded in the back of the draw with minimal bushwhacking and effort. The upper slopes in the bowl were scoured, leaving a choice of frozen scree or shallow wind affected snow. We proceeded carefully and reached the summit ridge as the weather changed. We continued to the summit losing visibility with height. Our stay was pleasant, it wasn't windy. The multi-level clouds cleared at times, enough to get a peek at the northern view! Returning was fast, especially the quading part, hihihi! access road
Beginning of the access road on the right.
not much snow
Not too much snow so far.
at the landing
Leaving the ATV at the landing.
strong crust
Warm temperatures followed by a cold snap created a strong crust; no snowshoes required.
short distance
Short distance and minimal bushwhacking.
enjoying this trek
Enjoying this trek.
back of the draw
Nearing the back of the draw.
several options
Several options, we ascended the snow left center.
snow is better than scree
The snow offered better footing than frozen scree.
low clouds
Low clouds are moving in.
looking back
Looking back.
ridge crest ahead
Almost on the ridge crest.
on the ridge
Low visibility on the ridge.
in the clouds
Looking through the clouds.
up until it tapers
Going up until it tapers at the top.
clouds lift
Clouds lift and reveal the northern view.
summit pose
Whoot, whoot!
getting cold
Yep, winter is just around the corner...
leaving the top
Leaving the fine viewpoint for a better view.
kinbasket lake
Kinbasket Lake is grand.
aiming for snow
Aiming for a good line in the snow.
enough snow
Enough snow for a glissade.
Oh yeah!
casually returning
Casually returning to the landing.
back at the atv
Back at the iron steed for a speedy return to the harbour.
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