Brett, Mount

elevation: 2,984 m. height gain: 1,585 m.
area: Banff/Bow Valley,AB map 82 O/4

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies wrong drainage
Good travelling up the wrong drainage before our traverse to the proper draw.
Scramble: RT 11.5; 6.0 up. Yet another fantastic adventure. We were looking forward to doing this one. Our plan was to avoid the difficult scrambling on the summit ridge by going around via the southern slopes. We expected the alpine to still be snowbound and it was. The biking wasn't too bad, within 45 minutes we reached a fair sized cairn past the ascent gully for Pilot. After stashing our bikes, we ascended the mossy, light timbered terrain and gained a faint trail. We followed it for a short while until noticing it was heading towards Pilot. From there, we contoured across the mountainside heading for the proper drainage. Having gained some elevation already, we reached the drainage high above some cliffs. We had 2 options; going back down to the bottom of the drainage or climbing the ridge above the cliffs hoping it connects to the glen. We chose the latter one. We climbed for a short distance when Fab found a ramp that traverses to a side drainage and onto a shrubby slope. We were very pleased to see the bottom of the draw ahead, the beeline saved us a lot of height loss but it had been a gamble... The glen is splendid. Very large, coarsely textured boulders form an undulating landscape. We trekked in the valley, sometimes on grassy sections that looked like golf greens. Further, the rugged terrain forms small mounds and larch dominates. It is very nice hiking through here. We gained a highpoint and climbed to the ascent ridge from there. The broad ridge is lovely. We strolled towards a small pass on the southern side of the ascent ridge, that is the start of a long traverse to the rubbly ascent slope. Aside from being tedious, the way around is easy. We were lucky with the snow conditions, firm snow offered good travel. Eventually we got to the ascent slope. The snowfree sections are quite loose but once at the crest of the slope, the summit is minutes away. The view from this lofty summit is among the best. Fab took the ice out of the register and tried to dry the notepad. The wind was nagging but when the sun came out, it was delicious!!! After an hour at the top, we started our descent. We used our firm up-track and glissaded where we could, this turned out great. In little time, we had the small pass in sight and the broad grassy ridge after that. We couldn't resist another long break, with boots off, at the bottom of the valley. The return trip was delightful well into the trees. We ended up skirting the bottom of the cliffs. The way became a little obstructed with deadfall and shrubs after that but we stepped onto the fireroad without a hitch. A very small cairn dots the drainage, the shrubs are thick at first. We retrieved our bikes, 300 meters down the fireroad and zoomed back down to the car. proper drainage
Luckily a ramp above cliffs delivers us to the ascent drainage.
delightful hiking
Hiking here is delightful, Mount Brett is in sight.
approaching a highpoint
Approaching a highpoint, there's a small tarn on the other side.
aiming for the ridge
From the highpoint, we aimed for the ascent ridge.
quick height gain
Quick height gain on an open slope.
broad grassy ridge
On the broad grassy ridge we head for the small pass.
traverse to a saddle
Beyond the pass, we traversed to a saddle.
at the saddle
At the saddle.
summit ridge ahead
From here, we continue towards the summit ridge (center).
almost at the ridge crest
Almost at the ridge crest, the top is then minutes away to the left.
at the top
At the summit with Mount Assiniboine in the far distance.
looking towards banff
Looking towards Banff.
difficult route
A glimpse at the difficult route on the ascent ridge.
drying the register
Fab's drying out the register, it's too wet for us to sign in!
approach drainage
Copper Mountain and the glen below.
leaving the top
Leaving the top, we head for the scree.
good glissade
We regained our track following a good glissade.
pass ahead
We glissaded again and climbed to the pass instead of contouring.
at the pass
At the pass.
last glissade
Our last glissade down the notch in the ridge.
another nice break
This is a superb place, we fully enjoyed it.
lunar landscape
Heading down the lunar landscape.
further down
Further down the glen.
good travelling
Travelling is great well into the trees.
back on the fireroad
A tiny cairn indicates the ascent drainage, initially choked with shrubs.
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