Bosworth, Mount

elevation: 2,771 m. height gain: 1,110 m.
area: Yoho Park,BC map 82 N/8

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
at the start

Snowshoe trip: RT 9.0. Wicked trip, we had it all: nice weather, great snow conditions and a good, safe easy route up a reasonably tall mountain that is otherwise a difficult scramble in the summer. We ascended Alan Kane's alternate descent via the west scree slopes. We parked at the old West Louise Lodge and ascended the lightly timbered south slopes onto a bench. From there we headed for the draw which leads to the west slopes and the false summit with remnants of old signs by Parks Canada. A short downclimb on snow leads to the highest point. From there the summit cairn is a short walk away and appears to be lower (?). There is a break in the ridge requiring some fancy moves (exposed in snowy conditions). I decided the extra 20 feet to touch the cairn were not worth the risk!

Along the highway next to West Louise Lodge before heading in the forest.

starting up the slope

Starting up the treed terrain, quite nice with the snowshoes.

typical terrain

On our way.

west face

View of the west slopes.

lake ohara

Lake O'hara's access, across the highway.

west slopes

Wind blown west slopes; minimized avalanche hazard.

near the top

Looking west towards Mount Paget.

sub summit

Fab on the western false summit.

top of bosworth

Jo on top of Bosworth.
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