Bokor Peak GR:846885

elevation: 2,731 m. height gain: 1,185 m. (includes height loss)
area: Golden,BC map 82 N/6

Park at the Gorman Lake trailhead, 892877 and follow a well-defined trail to Gorman Lake, described in Golden Hikes. Hike around the lake, the south shore is quickest and continue into the draw veering climber's right. Aim for the grassy slopes heading towards the col, 853885. Traverse and contour into the drainage to a small meadow and creek, 837895. From there, gain the rib climber's left of a waterfall and head south-east. Stay on the rib and go climber's left of the glacier to easily attain the summit ridge. Slabs impede progress to the top via the ridge, traverse below the slabs on the south-west slopes to a saddle on the ridge. Although there is a cairned summit to the south, the true summit is minutes away to the north, 846885.


Name note: a bokor is a sorcerer, good or evil, worker of Voodoo (ref: Bivouac).
nice trail
A nice trail heads to Gorman Lake.
fancy outfit
At the lake, the drizzle continues.
Scramble: RT 11.25; 6.0 up. We chose a local summit in the vicinity of Gorman Lake to celebrate our 250th scramble. It had been a while since our last visit, 6 years. The weather forecast predicted rain so we left home prepared with rain gear and extra layers. The outing to Bokor is long (21 km return) but straightforward, we left the truck as the darkness subsided. The drizzle didn't dampen our spirits, we were happy to be back to this area, Golden's gem. Within an hour, we reached the lake. Our objective was engulfed in clouds. We followed the good trail around the lake then started random hiking towards the col. Hiking was pleasant despite the rain but as we neared the col, the wind picked up. We stopped and changed our layers. The wind driven rain was partially snow, we continued into the rocky drainage careful not to slip. To our surprise, the clouds lifted and the rain ceased. The long traverse on talus led to the grassy ascent slopes used to gain Bokor's north-west aspect. We were thrilled to see the glacier below the summit ridge; access to the ridge would be easy climber's left of it. Once on the ridge, we felt uncertain about reaching the top; the ridge becomes slabby forcing a traverse on the south-west slopes. Maybe we could gain it from the south side... At this point, Fab slipped and twisted his knee; after a moment, he was able to stand. The situation could be serious, should we turn around? Fab decided he could keep going slowly. After circumventing the slabs, we climbed back to the summit ridge. I quickly scrambled the cairned southern peak but Fab was convinced the summit was in the other direction, above the slabs. Indeed, from the south summit, the northern highpoint is taller. I returned to the saddle on the ridge and we ascended towards the highpoint. As we neared it, a cairn revealed itself. Yeah, we made it... our 250th scramble!!!! The view of the familiar mountains is awesome, we were lucky it cleared up. The clouds added interest but the wind was vicious. We had to brace ourselves to be able to stand next to the cairn on the edge of the summit ridge. With no shelter, we soon engaged in a hasty retreat. Fab's knee was sore but stable, we descended to a rock outcrop for a good pause. After eating, drinking and taking ibuprofen, we regained the summit ridge and dropped back down the north-west side. The wind calmed down as we retraced our way back to the long traverse. We were fortunate it wasn't raining, navigating the blocky terrain was good. By 6 PM, we stood on the col again; it was all downhill from here. We soon stepped onto the good trail by Gorman Lake. The pace accelerated as we raced back to the truck. We arrived with less than half an hour of daylight left. What a fulfilling day! We are very pleased with this local trip and glad to have chosen it for this milestone. our objective
Our objective is partly visible.
gorman lake
Looking back at beautiful Gorman Lake.
grassy slopes
Going up the grassy slopes.
pass ahead
The col ahead, Bokor Peak on the left.
marilyn monroe moment
The wind picks up, a Marilyn Monroe moment.
long traverse
A long traverse on talus into Lang Drainage.
small meadow
Aiming for the small meadow and creek.
the waterfall
Going left of the waterfall.
heading south-east
Heading south-east towards the glacier.
nearing the summit ridge
Nearing the glacier and summit ridge.
the route goes left of the glacier
The clouds lift for this nice picture, the route goes left of the glacier.
clouds return
The clouds return.
summit ridge
On the summit ridge, slabs can be avoided on the south-west slopes.
skirting slabs
Skirting the slabs to a saddle further on the ridge.
a cairn on the southern peak
A cairn exists on the southern peak, I decided to investigate.
on the ridge
On the ridge.
south peak is close
The southern peak is not far.
at the top
At the top, Zombie Peak in the background.
dawn mountain
Dawn Mountain to the south-east.
best view of gorman lake
The best view of Gorman Lake with The Clamshell (right of center) and Eos Peak (right).
southern summit
A good glimpse back at the southern summit.
northern summit
Rejoining Fab for the last steps to the true summit (center).
summit just ahead
Summit cairn just ahead.
Sweeeeeet, a very special local outing!
250th scramble
Our 250th scramble!!!!!!!   Candy smile!!!!!
nice valley fog
Gorman Lake is partly obstructed from this viewpoint; nice valley fog.
heading down
Time to leave and find shelter.
hot chocolate
Ah, hot chocolate and ibuprofen.
glacier on the other side
The glacier is on the other side of the ridge.
top of the ridge
A marker at the top of the ridge.
thank you mister bokor
Glad mister bokor was nice to us!!!
exquisite scenery
Exquisite scenery.
The whole approach rib is visible.
kingpin peak
Nearing the waterfall with Kingpin Peak in the background.
zombie and bokor
The drainage with Zombie (left) and Bokor Peaks.
at the pass
At the col by 6 PM, Eos Peak on the left.
back at the lake
Back at the lake.
almost there
Almost there, just before dark...
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