Blue Knight Peak GR:037587

elevation: 2,623 m. height gain: 65 m.
area: Canal Flats,BC map 82 J/3-4

Ref: Rocky Mountain Forest District trail index. From Ptarmigan Lake head south along the shoreline for a short distance; lack of a decent trail quickly pushed us up the treed rib through alder brush. Continue towards the draw, 045592. Follow directions to White Knight Peak. From there, follow the north-west ridge skirting difficulties on the south-west side. The traverse is mostly straightforward and executed in about a half hour.
blue knight

Blue Knight Peak from White Knight. Is it higher? Hmmmm.
Scramble: RT 1.0. Unsure that I was standing on White Knight Peak and unable to check the location of the official summit on a map, I continued to the other peak. Again, I was uncertain of whether I would reach the top, it seemed to be the theme of the day... Luckily, I found an easy route up. Way to go Jo! I later found out that peak's name: Blue Knight (ref:Bivouac). Although it is unofficial, it is slightly higher than White Knight.
mid way

Getting closer. I skirted around the southern side for the last part of the ridge.

at the top

At the top, looking back at White Knight.

edwards peak

Looking north-north-west, Edwards Peak just right of center (big cliffs).

king george

Northerly view; Mount King George (3,422 m.) dominates the Royal Group.

looking down

Ptarmigan Lake Below.

heading back

On my way back to White Knight.
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