Belmore Browne Peak GR:413465 & GR:402470

elevation: 2,332 m. and 2,445 m. height gain: 690 m.
area: Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/14-15

Ref: Bob Spirko's Road not taken sibbald lake camp
Quiet dogs on leash at the campsite.
Hike: RT 5.5; 3.5 up. Doggy weekend!!! It had been a while since we took the dogs in a busy provincial campground. It was a good exercise in restraint and socialization; they did surprisingly well. The next day, they were rewarded with a good hike. We got an early start and quickly reached the southern ascent ridge to Belmore. Once by the telemetry we took pictures and soon moved the dogs along the less exposed traverse. They followed each other along the ridge to a snowy saddle where they waited for my return. On the way down, Fab found water high up in the drainage for the dogs; we had a nice break and watched other groups of hikers. the start
From the culvert at the roadside. After crossing Jumpingpound Creek, a trail is followed to the cutblocks.
leaving the creekbed
Grassy southern ridge, better for dog paws.
nice terrain
End of the grassy slopes; the summit is out of view, top left.
Good dogs on Belmore.
gap between summits
Circumventing a gap to the summit cairn.
Looking at GR:402470 from the cairn on Belmore.
Following the hounds.
looking back
A close up view of Belmore from the mound.
at the top
Standing on GR:402470 in little time! Looking at the traverse from Belmore.
fab and the hounds
A close up picture of Fab and the dogs on the snow patch.
nice view
Looking towards Mounts Sparrowhawk (left of center) and Lougheed (right)
more view
Northern view.
drink some water
The two males lie down in the tiny pool of water to cool off.
looking back
The red shale offers a fast descent.
Finding the cutline back to the cutblocks.
more cutline
Cutline on the opposite side of the valley.
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