Bastille Mountain

elevation: 2,622 m.
height gain: 955 m.
area: Invermere,BC
map 82 K/7

Ref: Aaron Cameron and Matt Gunn's Hikes around Invermere & the Columbia River Valley.

Trailhead to Jumbo Pass.
Scramble: RT  6.0; 3.25 up. After a short scramble on saturday, I felt recovered enough to head out again. The weather was very nice and I didn't want to pass that up. I figured it was a great opportunity to try out Bastille Mountain; the drive isn't long, there's a superb approach trail to Jumbo Pass and the scramble seemed fun without being too long. As expected, hiking the trail to Jumbo Pass was fast and delightful. From there, we quickly gained the first peak of Bastille without difficulty. The second peak looks challenging if you chose to stay on the ridge, which we did. First we had to negotiate downsloping slabs losing a bit of height; then we aimed for the ridge proper just before a short section of moderately difficult moves that precede the top. It is also possible to go up random places on the bluffs, climber's right of the ridge; we chose a weakness through there on the way down. In my opinion, the second peak is the toughest of all 4 summits but all difficulties can be avoided by circumventing the peak on the south side. The third peak is easily gained after dealing with a small rockwall from the saddle. From the top of the third summit we scrutanized the final peak, it looked straightforward. The description in the book warns of a couple awkward crux moves up a mossy chimney; we experienced no crux moves and nothing mossy! The whole traverse didn't take very long and was quite easier than expected. We stayed at the top for a good while enjoying the surrounding glaciated mountains, I even had a short nap which is rare for me... We backtracked the way we came, except for a short variation down the second peak that also offered a short challenge. Once back on the trail, it was a quick and painless return to the trailhead. I really recommend this outing, the view is stellar for the amount of effort!

good trail

Very good trail.

bastille mountain

Bastille Mountain.

at the pass

At the pass we head towards our objective.

ascending to the saddle

Ascending to the saddle to gain the first peak on the left.

at the saddle

At the saddle, it's a glorious day.

easy climb

Easy climb up peak one.

first summit

On the first summit of Bastille with glaciated mountains all around.

jumbo hut

Jumbo hut is on the opposite ridge.

second peak

The second peak offers the crux of the trip!

navigating downsloping slabs

Navigating downsloping slabs before aiming for the ridge on the left.

little ramps

Little ramps lead to the ridge proper.


The crux looks easy on this picture but it is exposed for a few moves.

top of the second peak

Fabrice rounds off the crux and gains the top of the second peak.

looking back at the crux

Looking back, the crux is in the shade unfortunately.

third peak looks easy

Third peak appears easy.

off I go

Off I go.

small rockband

The small rockband below me grants a slight challenge.

fun option

Chosing a fun option to the top of peak three.

third summit

Third summit.

fourth summit ahead

Looking at the fourth summit, seems simple.

down peak three

Down peak three.

last one

Last one!

up peak four

Up peak four, we never encountered the fore-warned awkward moves...

yep simple

Yep, simple....


Voila, peak four!

stunning views

Stunning views.

summit ballet

Summit ballet.

heading back down

Heading back down.


Backtracking up peak three.

being silly

Being silly!!

alternate way down peak two

Chosing an alternate way down peak two; there's several options here and of course, it's possible to go around and circumvent difficulties.

fab's turn

Fab's turn.

below peak one

Back at the saddle below peak one.
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