Baker, Mount

elevation: 3,172 m. height gain: 1,230 m.
area: Wapta Icefield,AB map 82 N/10

Ref: Chic Scott's Summits and Icefields
heading out

Leaving the parking lot, bread strapped to my pack.
Ski mountaineering: Fab and I decided to include a stay at Peyto hut on this trip. We had the hut to ourselves for this lovely evening, the temperature was mild and the absent wind allowed us to hang out outside. We enjoyed the glacier and its numerous summits. The following day we packed our things and left the hut early. Our objective was to ascend Baker on the way out. The traverse to the col and north-east ridge is gentle and straightforward. That's where we left our skis and grabbed our alpine axe. The steep snow slope, corniced on one side, is manageable but the wind-driven snow was painful on any exposed skin. Our summit stay was short; the wind was relentless. Thankfully, the ski down was nice and quick. At the lake the temperature had warmed greatly, we took an extended break and were entertained by two ravens.
across the lake

Skiing across Peyto Lake.

at the end of the flats

The moraine we ascend is up ahead.

glaciology center

At the glaciology center, always a great place for a stop.


Mount Baker from the Peyto hut.

leaving peyto hut

Leaving the hut to ascend Baker.


Mount Baker, (picture taken on an trip to Mount Habel). Steep snow slopes from the col lead to the summit.

a little closer

Poor definition, the angle looks deceivingly gentle.

freshly snow blasted

Already coming down after a session of snow blasting up the ridge to the very windy summit.

looking at ravens

Back down on the flats, entertained by ravens.

raven show

The two Peyto ravens.
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