Athabasca, Mount

elevation: 3,491 m. height gain: 1,505 m.
area: Icefields Parkway,AB map 83 C/3

Ref: Sean Dougherty's Selected Alpine Climbs. silverhorn
A group ascending Silverhorn.
Alpine climb: This was my first alpine climb, I am so impressed. We drove late to the Icefields Center, it was under construction at the time. We found a shelter and tried to settle in for a short while. At 4 AM we got up and quickly made our way to the moraines. The approach sure was interesting in the dark. When the sun came up we had progressed a fair bit. We roped up and proceeded on the glacier under scattered clouds. Another team ahead of us was climbing Silverhorn; considering our level of experience, we chose the normal route. We crossed the other team returning from the summit on the ridge. The ridge is exciting, near the top it is narrow, on a snow lip. After a few summit pictures, we returned the same way we came. The sun had softened the snow dramatically; I understood why it was recommended to be off the glacier by early afternoon. almost there
Top of Silverhorn ahead, we went up the normal route.
another group
The other group on their way down from the top.
dan is more comfortable sitting
Summit ridge.
wess, our leader
Yahooooooo! We're at the top!
summit view
Mount Bryce in the distance towers above Castleguard.
amazing view
Looking towards Mount Saskachewan.
dan is still sitting
On the way down, Wilcox is bare of snow.
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