Antrim Peak

elevation: 2,919 m. height gain: 1,215 m.
area: Radium,BC map 82 K/9

Via Welsh Lakes. Ref: Aaron Cameron and Matt Gunn's Hikes around Invermere & the Columbia River Valley.
From the back of Middle Welsh Lake, 354074, work your way through the boulder field towards Antrim's north-west slopes. Gain the main gully via snow or scree, it easily leads to the upper north-east facing slopes. Pick a line aiming for the blocky summit ridge and follow to the top.

at the trailhead

A rough road leads to the upper trailhead, 1705 m.
Scramble: RT 3.0; 2.0 up. We planned a backpacking weekend with the dogs, they love camping and sniffing a new area. Going to Middle Welsh Lake at this time of the year is quite ambitious as there is still a lot of snow at that elevation (2200 m.), don't do it folks! Before reaching the lower lake, we started post-holing under the weight of the heavy packs. The dogs were doing well, so we continued around the lakeshore and then through the trees. After the painful stretch to the middle lake, we found an area clear of snow and started enjoying the very warm afternoon. The mountain scenery and tranquility surrounding us was delicious; especially with our hounds coiled up sleeping. The following day, I left at 6 AM hoping the snow would be stiffer with last night's clear sky. It was but I still punched through in the boulder field beyond the lake. Once on the steepening slopes, climbing was quick with the crampons. I managed to go off route but still found the ascent gully with minimal fuss. Above the gully, the summit is not far. On top of this lofty summit, the view is spectacular in all directions. Even with the smoky sky I could see beyond the Bugaboos. Coming down was fast and straightforward; I did not miss the intended route and soon was back with the pack. We took time putting our things away, enjoying this bluebird day. Our return was better with less weight, a better route and good spirits. We put shorts on after the snowline and casually continued to the truck.
dog in water

Lovely pond along the trail.

before the lower lake

Lots of softening snow.

at middle lake

Finally arrived near the back of Middle Welsh Lake.

our set up

A bit soggy but it will do! Notice three dogs sleeping.


The moon is rising next to Antrim and Leitrim Peaks.

route from below

The ascent to the gully from the boulder field.

sun rise

North Star comes into view as the sun rises.

upper slopes

Upper slopes to the summit.

welsh lakes

At the top of the gully, Middle and Lower Welsh Lakes below.

at the top

Leitrim Peak from the top.

great view

Looking south-west towards Killarney Peak.

the lakes

All four lakes still snowbound. 

north star

Above Upper Welsh Lake tower Mount Alpha Centauri (left) and North Star Peak (center).


Close up view of the Bugaboos. Left to right: Howser Spire, Pigeon Spire, Snowpatch Spire and Bugaboo Spire.

summit ridge

Heading back down along the ridge.

looking back

Looking back at the last bit.

along the way

Entering the gully, North star and Carmarthen on the right.

down the gully

Straightforward gully.

middle lake below

I can see Fab and the hounds on the shoreline.

looking back

Antrim and Leitrim from the shoreline.


Yahoo, another great scramble!

sawing the tree

It's not over 'till it's over...
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