Allstones Peak GR:344921

elevation: 2,940 m.
height gain: 1,670 m.
area: David Thompson Highway,AB
map 83 C/1-C/8

Ref: Eric Coulthard's trip report on Summit Search

pre-climb party

Pre-climb party.
Scramble: RT 17.0; 9.25 up. This was another spontaneous trip. I didn't know there was a scrambling route on Allstones Peak until I heard about Doug and Eric's successful exploratory mission up Batus Creek the previous weekend. Raff had recently mentioned that this objective was high on his list so naturally, I contacted him along with Alison and Brett. We all met on friday night and camped next to Abraham Lake. The following morning, we got up early despite the lack of sleep and drove to Batus Creek where we parked on the side of the highway. Hiking the creekbed involves boulder hopping and numerous creek crossings; lucky for us, the creek level wasn't high and the crossings weren't overwhelming. We encountered two pinch points that required to be circumvented climber's right. At the first "choke", we followed a faint trail and climbed steeply in mossy terrain before traversing to a minor side drainage. We descended the narrow drainage back down to the creek and resumed boulder hopping into the draw. Travel wasn't very fast but we agreed that it wasn't that bad. Further into the draw, we came to the second pinch point. Raff suggested we climb the embankment to about 2000 meters and simply execute a traverse to the back of the draw instead of dipping down to the creekbed again. The climb was steep with rock steps dotting the grasses. This worked out nicely and the sidehilling that followed wasn't unbearable. Along the way, we crossed a couple of major side drainages that required caution but other than that, the traverse is simple. After 5.5 hours, we reached the ascent rib where we replenished our water supply and had a good break. The climb up the grassy rib is sustained and we gained height rather quickly. Higher up, loose talus forced us to seek firmer ground on the edge of the bluffs. That was the strategy for much of the way to the summit ridge. I was really happy to finally step on the ridge proper and get a view of what lay ahead. The ridge appeared narrow in places with a couple of small bumps to negotiate. The steep summit block seemed to be the crux. We regrouped and started hiking the exciting ridge. Before reaching the loose summit block, we had to lose height going around steep icy snow; that's when Alison and Brett decided to stay behind. Beyond the snow, we regained height on even looser talus. The summit block's scrambling is tedious and often interrupted by short sections of slabs, Raff and I felt the difficulty was at least in the upper moderate range. Near the end, the summit ridge flattens to a merciful walk to the top. We enjoyed the outstanding view and went about our summit rituals before backtracking. The descent wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I focused on avoiding missteps and kicking down rocks. After circumventing the icy snow gully, we decided to shortcut to the ridge across some snow slopes to save time and energy. Soon thereafter, we rejoined with Alison and Brett. The rest of our return was uneventful but it sure was a long way out of there. We reached the highway with very little daylight left. This trip will test most scrambler's endurance but it sure is worth the effort!

stunning sunrise

Stunning sunrise.

batus creek

Parked at Batus Creek.

creek crossings

Let the creek crossings begin.

after the first choke point

Coming down a side drainage after the first choke point.

balancing act

Balancing act across the creek.
Picture courtesy of Rafal Raffinator.

yet another crossing

Yet another crossing.

badass creek

Now we know why it's nicknamed Badass Creek.

interesting part

Interesting fun part here.

laughs along the way

Gotta have some laughs along the way.

second choke point ahead

Second choke point ahead, we decided to start climbing the embankment.

steep embankment

The embankment is steep.

looking down

Looking down.


Sidehilling towards the mountain.

getting closer

Getting closer to the ascent rib, but first a couple of side drainages need to be crossed.

ascent rib

The ascent rib.

grasses give way to talus

Grassy slopes give way to talus.

snow grants respite from talus

The snow grants respite from talus.

minor ridge

Continuing towards a saddle.

traverse to summit ridge

From the saddle, the traverse to the summit ridge is revealed.

staying on solid rock

Staying on solid rock.

handrailling the upper cliffs

Handrailing the upper cliffs on firm ground.

window in the cliff

Passing by a nice window in the cliff.
Picture courtesy of Rafal Raffinator.

summit ridge ahead

Last bit to the summit ridge.

summit ridge

Finally on the summit ridge, I'm all cheer!

so far so good

So far so good.

brett and alison are staying behind

Brett and Alison are staying back.

steep slabs

Short sections of steep slabs.

climbing slabs

Climbing some slabs.
Picture courtesy of Rafal Raffinator.

slabs are better than loose terrain

The slabs offer a break from the loose terrain.

nearing the ridge crest

Nearing the ridge crest.

summit crest

After a good trudge, we see the summit crest.

ah ya

Ah ya!!!
Picture courtesy of Rafal Raffinator.

abraham lake

Abraham Lake.

abraham mountain

Abraham Mountain.

king of the hills

King of the hills.

cline and resolute

Mount Cline and Resolute Mountain.



heading down

Heading back down.

slabby di doo da

Picture courtesy of Rafal Raffinator.


Short-cutting the ridge on snow.

back on the ridge

Back on the ridge.

traverse to the minor ridge

Traverse back to the saddle where Alison and Brett await.

another break

Another break with the traverse in the background.

resuming the descent

Resuming the descent.

sidehilling back down

Sidehilling all the way to the second choke point in Batus Creek.

slabs and grasses

Slabs and grasses to Batus Creek.

batus creek take 2

Badass Creek take 2.
Picture courtesy of Rafal Raffinator.

are we there yet

Are we there yet....

highway by dusk

At the highway by dusk.
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