Aeneas, Mount

elevation: 2,675 m. height gain: 725 m.
area: Invermere,BC map 82 J/5

Ref: Aaron Cameron and Matt Gunn's Hikes around Invermere & the Columbia River Valley. winston at the tarn
Winston at the tarn on the way to Aeneas.
Scramble: Our first trip in the mountains with Winston. The trail to Pedley Pass is great but very busy. Keeping Winston on leash was a challenge, he pulls a lot and that tired both of us. Beyond there, the number of hikers diminish. The basin and tarn on the way to Aeneas are stunning. Winston really let loose in the expansive terrain. From there the scramble is short and easy. Winston did well on the summit ridge (not exposed), he stayed on the trail at a settled pace. He seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the outing, so did we, it is an awesome place to visit. our ascent
The ascent gully.
west ridge
Wide west ridge.
people coming up
Looking back, the tarn is out of sight lower right of the picture.
nice view
Mountains to the north.
at the top
Fab and Winston at the top.
looking east
East ridge.
more view
Columbia River Valley.
Summit cairn.
back at the tarn
Almost back at the tarn, awesome place!
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