Scrambles and hikes

"...scrambling (also known as alpine scrambling) is a method of ascending rocky faces and ridges. It is an ambiguous term that lies somewhere between hillwalking and rock climbing. It is often distinguished from hillwalking by defining a scramble as a route where hands must be used in the ascent. There is less to distinguish it from climbing, with many easy climbs sometimes referred to as difficult scrambles. A distinction can be made in defining any ascent where hands are used to hold body weight, rather than just for balance, as a climb..."-Wikipedia

name date location/area elevation
Abbott, Mount 2012-Sep-16 Rogers Pass,BC 2,465 m.
Aberdeen, Mount 2015-Jul-19 Lake Louise,AB 3,157 m.
Abraham Mountain GR:366907 2011-Jun-27 David Thompson Highway,AB 2,820 m.
Aeneas, Mount 2005-Aug-06 Windermere,BC 2,675 m.
Afton, Mount (Traverse) 2012-Sep-16 Rogers Pass,BC 2,553 m.
Allan, Mount & Olympic Summit
2007-Jul-15 Kananaskis,AB 2,819 m.
Allstones Peak GR:344921
David Thompson Highway,AB
2,940 m.
Alpha Centauri, Mount 2009-Jul-17 Radium,BC 3,102 m.
Andromache, Mount 2006-Jul-13 Icefields Parkway,AB 2,996 m.
Antero, Mount
Buena Vista,Colorado,USA
4,349 m.
Anthozoan Mountain 2006-Jun-28 Skoki Area,AB 2,695 m.
Antrim Peak 2009-Jun-04 Radium,BC 2,919 m.
Apikuni Mountain
Glacier National Park,Montana,USA
2,763 m.
Ardennes Peak (ExCoelis Mountain) GR:441656 2015-May-03 David Thompson Highway,AB 2,271 m.
Arkansas, Mount (Mosquito Range Traverse North)
Fremont Pass,Colorado,USA
4,205 m.
Armor Peak GR:683940 2013-May-20 Banff/Bow Valley,AB 2,820 m.
Association Peak
Ghost River,AB
2,362 m.
Aylmer, Mount 1996-Aug-26 Banff/Bow Valley,AB 3,163 m.
Babel, Tower of 2010-Aug-08 Lake Louise,AB 2,325 m.
Baldy, Mount 1996-Jun-11 Kananaskis,AB 2,192 m.
Ball, Mount 2000-Sep-01 Kootenay Park,BC 3,311 m.
Balu Peak (8812 Peak) GR:588830 2014-Aug-25 Rogers Pass,BC 2,673 m.
Banded Peak 2006-Jul-05 Kananaskis,AB 2,934 m.
Bastille Mountain
2,622 m.
Beatrice Peak GR:681681 2011-Aug-08 Kootenay Park,BC 3,125 m.
Bell, Mount 1995-Jul-15 Banff/Bow Valley,AB 2,910 m.
Belmore Browne Peak GR:413465 & GR:402470
2009-Jun-20 Kananaskis,AB 2,445 m.
Bicarbonate Peak GR:218674 2011-Oct-17 Parson,BC 2,587 m.
Big Sister 2008-Jul-28 Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB 2,936 m.
Bill Nye, Mount 2012-Jul-29 Wasa,BC 2,648 m.
Black Rock Mountain 2008-Nov-02 Ghost River,AB 2,462 m.
Blue Knight Peak GR:037587 2009-Jul-03 Canal Flats,BC 2,623 m.
Bluerock Mountain 2013-Jun-16 Kananaskis,AB 2,789 m.
Bobac Mountain GR:435315 2015-Sep-11 Icefields Parkway,AB 3,088 m.
Bogart, Mount 1996-Jul-14 Kananaskis,AB 3,144 m.
Bokor Peak GR:846885 2011-Oct-03 Golden,BC 2,731 m.
Boundary Peak GR:867829 2011-May-29 Icefields Parkway,AB 2,850 m.
Bourgeau, Mount 1995-Sep-01 Banff/Bow Valley,AB 2,930 m.
Brachiopod Mountain 2006-Jun-28 Skoki Area,AB 2,650 m.
Bradford, Mount 2010-Jun-27 Skookumchuck,BC 2,427 m.
Brett, Mount 2011-Jul-02 Banff/Bow Valley,AB 2,984 m.
Brewer, Mount 2005-Aug-13 Invermere,BC 2,810 m.
Brewster, Mount (Brewski Loop)
Banff/Bow Valley,AB
2,859 m.
Bross, Mount (Decalibron Circuit) 2016-Aug-31 Alma,Colorado,USA 4,321 m.
Bryant, Mount 2010-May-16 Kananaskis,AB 2,647 m.
Buckskin, Mount (LoveBuck Traverse)
4,226 m.
Buller, Mount 1996-Aug-20 Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB 2,805 m.
Burgess, Mount (North) 1996-Sep-20 Field,BC 2,599 m.
Burns, Mount
2,936 m.
Caldron Peak GR:314297 2009-Aug-07 Icefields Parkway,AB 2,911 m.
Cameron, Mount (Decalibron Circuit) 2016-Aug-31 Alma,Colorado,USA 4,340 m.
Caribou Peak 2014-Jun-30 Parson,BC 2,585 m.
Carmarthen Peak 2015-Jul-29 Radium,BC 2,949 m.
Carnarvon, Mount 1995-Aug-07 Field,BC 3,040 m.
Cartier, Mount 1997-Jul Revelstoke,BC 2,610 m.
Cascade Mountain 1992-Jun Banff/Bow Valley,AB 2,998 m.
Castle Mountain 1996-Aug-30 Banff/Bow Valley,AB 2,766 m.
Cegnfs GR:204242 2010-Jul-25 Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB 2,804 m.
Chaperon Mountain 2014-Oct-27 Donald,BC 2,655 m.
Charles Stewart, Mount
2,809 m.
Charles Stewart, Mount (South) 2010-Apr-26 Canmore,AB 2,764 m.
Cheops Mountain 2013-Aug-11 Rogers Pass,BC 2,581 m.
Chester, Mount 1995-Aug-22 Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB 3,054 m.
Chimper Peak GR:602762
Kootenay Park,BC
2,874 m.
Cirque Peak 1995-Sep-04 Icefields Parkway,AB 2,993 m.
Cirrus Mountain 2013-Jul-01 Icefields Parkway,AB 3,270 m.
Citadel Peak 1996-Aug-22 Assiniboine,AB 2,610 m.
Clamshell, The GR:906872 1999-Jul-24 Golden,BC 2,597 m.
Cockscomb Mountain 2010-Aug-30 Banff/Bow Valley,AB 2,776 m.
Coffin Mountain GR:868535 2010-Oct-17 South Kananaskis,AB 2,412 m.
Coleman, Mount 2012-Aug-04 Icefields Parkway,AB 3,135 m.
Collembola, Mount GR:263483 2007-Jul-15 Kananaskis,AB 2,768 m.
Commonwealth Peak GR:164276 2010-Oct-11 Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB 2,775 m.
Conical Peak 2015-Aug-09 Icefields Parkway,AB 2,819 m.
Copper Mountain 2010-Jun-20 Banff/Bow Valley,AB 2,795 m.
Copperstain Mountain
2,608 m.
Coral Mountain 2010-Oct-03 Parson,BC 2,476 m.
Cordonnier, Mount 2011-Sep-05 Kananaskis,AB 3,021 m.
Cornwall, Mount 2006-Jul-05 Kananaskis,AB 2,970 m.
Cory, Mount 1995-Sep-13 Banff/Bow Valley,AB 2,802 m.
Cougar Mountain 2011-Jun-12 Kananaskis,AB 2,863 m.
Cougar Peak GR:218649 2010-Nov-07 Canmore,AB 2,643 m.
Crook, Mount 2009-Oct-24 Brisco,BC 2,596 m.
Crotte Ridge GR:886895 2000-Jul Golden,BC 2,545 m.
Cupid GR:264901 (Loveland-Bakerville Traverse)
Loveland Pass,Colorado,USA
3,998 m.
Daly, Mount 2013-Jul-21 Yoho Park,BC 3,152 m.
Dauntless Mountain 2012-Oct-14 Golden,BC 2,598 m.
Dawn Mountain 1999-Jul-18 Golden,BC 2,681 m.
Democrat, Mount (Decalibron Circuit) 2016-Aug-31 Alma,Colorado,USA 4,312 m.
Dennis, Mount 2014-Oct-19 Field,BC 2,549 m.
Denny, Mount
3,000 m.
Devil's Thumb & Big Beehive 2012-Aug-27 Lake Louise,AB 2,458 m.
Dogtooth Peak GR:843825 2015-Jun-28 Golden,BC 2,838 m.
Dolomite Peak 2009-Jul-23 Icefields Parkway,AB 2,998 m.
Donald Peak (Dg16) GR:833973 2013-Oct-28 Donald,BC 2,685 m.
Doorjamb Mountain 2007-Jun-03 Exshaw,AB 1,976 m.
Dorman, Mount 2008-Nov-16 Canal Flats,BC 2,798 m.
Dyer Mountain (Sherman Grand Slam) 2016-Sep-07 Leadville,Colorado,USA 4,225 m.
Eagle Mountain 2015-Oct-25
Banff/Bow Valley,AB
2,836 m.
Eagle Mountain GR:078344
Ya Ha Tinda Ranch,AB 2,503 m.
Edith, Mount (3-Peak Traverse) 2013-Jul-25 Banff/Bow Valley,AB 2,554 m.
Eiffel Peak 1995-Jul-30 Lake Louise,AB 3,084 m.
Elliot Peak 2012-May-27 David Thompson Highway,AB 2,873 m.
End Mountain
Ghost River,AB
2,453 m.
Eos Peak GR:874872 1999-Jul-17 Golden,BC 2,737 m.
Ernest Ross, Mount GR:375723 2011-Jun-05 David Thompson Highway,AB 2,454 m.
Ethelbert, Mount 2003-Jul Brisco,BC 3,175 m.
Evangeline Peak GR:047398 2015-Apr-12 Ya Ha Tinda Ranch,AB 2,572 m.
Evans, Mount
Idaho Springs,Colorado,USA 4,348 m.
Fable, Mount 2009-Jun-13 Exshaw,AB 2,702 m.
Fairmont Mountain 2014-Oct-05 Canal Flats,BC 2,628 m.
Fairview, Mount 1995-Sep-03 Lake Louise,AB 2,744 m.
Fatigue Mountain 1996-Aug-22 Assiniboine,AB 2,959 m.
Field, Mount 1995-Sep-26 Field,BC 2,635 m.
Finnback Knob (Horseshoe Loop)
4,087 m.
Fisher, Mount 2008-Jun-30 Fort Steele,BC 2,843 m.
Flattop Mountain (Dg26) GR:082637 2010-Oct-25 Golden,BC 2,477 m.
Forgetmenot Mountain
2,332 m.
Forster, Mount 2009-May-17 Radium,BC 2,494 m.
Fortress, The 1995-Jun-30 Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB 3,000 m.
Fossil Mountain 2006-Jul-26 Skoki Area,AB 2,946 m.
Four Points Mountain 2008-Mar-16 Invermere,BC 1,905 m.
Foxhound Peak (DG18) GR:846744
2,723 m.
Frankie Peak GR:987665 2016-Nov-13
Castle Wilderness,AB
2,375 m.
Fullerton, Mount 1996-Oct-14 Kananaskis,AB 2,728 m.
Galatea, Mount 2010-Aug-23 Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB 3,187 m.
Gap Peak GR:247612 2008-Jun-23 Exshaw,AB 2,517 m.
Gemini Peak (Sherman Grand Slam) 2016-Sep-07 Leadville,Colorado,USA 4,254 m.
Gibraltar Mountain & Mist Ridge
Highwood Pass,AB
2,665 m.
Girouard, Mount 2015-Sep-20 Banff/Bow Valley,AB 2,995 m.
Gladstone, Mount 2016-Nov-19
Castle Wilderness,AB
2,458 m.
Glamorgan Peak 2014-Sep-28 Radium,BC 2,738 m.
Glasgow, Mount 2006-Jul-05 Kananaskis,AB 2,935 m.
Goldie, Mount 2004-Jul-01 Invermere,BC 2,680 m.
Grizzly Peak GR:326251 2007-Apr-16 Kananaskis,AB 2,540 m.
Grizzly Peak D (Loveland-Bakerville Traverse) 2017-Apr-02
Loveland Pass,Colorado,USA
4,093 m.
Grotto Mountain 1995-Aug-26 Canmore,AB 2,706 m.
Gunnery Mountain GR:701861 2011-Mar-13 South Kananaskis,AB 2,089 m.
Gusty Peak 1996-Sep-24 Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB 3,000 m.
Ha Ling (Chinamans Peak) 1995-Oct-06 Canmore,AB 2,408 m.
Hailstone Butte 2008-Oct-19 South Kananaskis,AB 2,373 m.
Harlech Peak 2014-Sep-21 Radium,BC 2,650 m.
Harrison, Mount 2012-Aug-19 Kootenay Rockies,BC 3,359 m.
Head, Mount 2012-Jun-30 South Kananaskis,AB 2,782 m.
Heart Mountain & Grant MacEwan Peak 1996-Jun Exshaw,AB 2,149 m.
Heather Mountain 2011-Oct-24 Donald,BC 2,498 m.
Helena Ridge 1996-Sep-11 Banff/Bow Valley,AB 2,862 m.
Hensley, Mount GR:296687 2014-Jun-02 David Thompson Highway,AB 2,820 m.
Hillcrest Mountain 2016-Nov-20
Crowsnest Pass,AB 2,164 m.
Holt Peak GR:878836 2012-Jul-16 Golden,BC 2,705 m.
Holy Cross Mountain GR:683880 2011-Jun-20 South Kananaskis,AB 2,650 m.
Holy Cross, Mount of the (Notch-Halo Ridge Loop) 2016-Sep-05 Minturn,Colorado,USA 4,269 m.
Holy Cross Ridge GR:721687 (Notch-Halo Ridge Loop) 2016-Sep-05 Minturn,Colorado,USA 4,216 m.
Hood, Mount 2010-Jun-13 Kananaskis,AB 2,903 m.
Hornecker, Mount GR:852595 2012-Feb-05 South Kananaskis,AB 2,271 m.
Horseshoe Mountain -Boudoir Couloir (Horseshoe Loop)
4,236 m.
Howard, Mount 2010-Nov-14 Kananaskis,AB 2,777 m.
Howard Douglas, Mount
Banff/Bow Valley,AB
2,877 m.
Hughes, Mount (Repeater Ridge) GR:925844 2014-Nov-02 Golden,BC 2,390 m.
Hunter, Mount 2015-Jun-22 Golden,BC 2,629 m.
Huron Peak
Buena Vista,Colorado,USA 4,268 m.
Indefatigable, Mount (Traverse) 1995-Sep-02 Kananaskis,AB 2,670 m.
Indian Head Mountain (Chisel Peak) 2012-Jul-08 Windermere,BC
2,688 m.
Inflexible, Mount GR:264271
Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB
3,000 m.
Inglismaldie, Mount 2006-Jun-03 Banff/Bow Valley,AB 2,964 m.
Isabelle Peak 2015-Aug-02 Kootenay Park,BC 2,938 m.
Isola Peak 2012-Nov-04 South Kananaskis,AB 2,515 m.
James Walker, Mount GR:255294 2011-Jul-10 Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB 3,035 m.
John Laurie Mountain (Yamnuska) 2008-Feb-11 Exshaw,AB 2,240 m.
Judge, The 2003-Jul Brisco,BC 2,740 m.
Junction Hill GR:661864 2015-Apr-19 South Kananaskis,AB 2,236 m.
Junction Mountain
Kananaskis,AB 2,682 m.
Kananaskis Peak GR:345444 2012-Jun-03 Kananaskis,AB 2,419 m.
Kapristo Mountain
2,710 m.
Kerr, Mount 2012-Aug-12 Yoho Park,BC 2,863 m.
Keystone Peak 1997-Jul Revelstoke,BC 2,373 m.
Kidd, Mount 2006-May-20 Kananaskis,AB 2,958 m.
Kidd South, Mount GR:256378 2014-Jun-15 Kananaskis,AB 2,895 m.
Kindersley, Mount (South) GR:710178 2006-Aug-03 Kootenay Park,BC 2,690 m.
Kingpin Peak GR:842923 1999-Aug Golden,BC 2,782 m.
Kiwetinok Peak 2012-Aug-12 Yoho Park,BC 2,902 m.
Kuss Peak GR:981496 (Mosquito Range Traverse North)
4,129 m.
Labyrinth Mountain 2015-Mar-22 Ya Ha Tinda Ranch,AB 2,118 m.
Lackawanna GR:692282
Independence Pass,Colorado,USA
4,213 m.
Lady MacDonald, Mount
2,605 m.
Lakit Mountain 2008-Sep-01 Fort Steele,BC 2,545 m.
LaPlata Peak & Ellingwood Ridge
Leadville,Colorado,USA 4,370 m.
Lawrence Grassi, Mount 2007-Nov-11 Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB 2,720 m.
Lawson, Mount 2006-Jul-19 Kananaskis,AB 2,795 m.
Leitrim Peak 2007-Jun-24 Radium,BC 2,931 m.
Limestone Mountain 2012-Jan-08 Kananaskis,AB 2,180 m.
Lincoln, Mount (Decalibron Circuit) 2016-Aug-31 Alma,Colorado,USA 4,356 m.
Lion Peak (Resolute Mountain) 2013-Aug-18 David Thompson Highway,AB 3,140 m.
Lioness Peak (Resolute Mountain) 2013-Aug-18 David Thompson Highway,AB 3,100 m.
Little Hector GR:502155 2013-Jul-14 Icefields Parkway,AB 3,125 m.
Loaf Mountain
Castle Wilderness,AB
2,639 m.
Loder Peak 2007-Jun-03 Exshaw,AB 2,100 m.
Lone Peak 2009-Jan-11 Fort Steele,BC 1,807 m.
Lookout Mountain 1992-Jul Rogers Pass,BC 2,485 m.
Lookout Point 2012-Nov-25 Kootenay Park,BC 2,208 m.
Lorette, Mount 2010-Apr-07 Kananaskis,AB 2,487 m.
Lougheed, Mount 2010-Jul-04 Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB 3,107 m.
Loveland Mountain (LoveBuck Traverse)
4,173 m.
Marion, Mount GR:733633 2008-Jun-08 Canal Flats,BC 2,454 m.
Marmota Peak GR:334479
Icefields Parkway,AB
3,109 m.
Mary Barclay's Mountain GR:331513 2013-May-13 Kananaskis,AB 2,250 m.
Massive, Mount (Tour de Massive)
4,396 m.
Maze Peak GR:081305 2015-Feb-15 Ya Ha Tinda Ranch,AB 2,404 m.
McArthur, Mount 2012-Aug-12 Yoho Park,BC 3,015 m.
McBeath, Mount GR:111968 2008-Jul-14 Golden,BC 2,884 m.
McConnell Point GR:321581 2014-Dec-29 Kananaskis,AB 1,774 m.
McDougall, Mount 2013-Oct-14 Kananaskis,AB 2,726 m.
McHarg, Mount 2012-Sep-09 Kananaskis,AB 2,888 m.
McMillan, Mount 2010-Jun-28 Skookumchuck,BC 2,204 m.
Merioneth Peak 2014-Sep-21 Radium,BC 2,683 m.
Middle Sister 1996-Sep-21 Canmore,AB 2,769 m.
Midnight Peak  GR:380492 2007-Apr-23 Kananaskis,AB 2,348 m.
Miner's Peak GR:124574 2010-Dec-27 Canmore,AB 2,427 m.
Minos, Mount GR:078237 2015-Mar-29 Ya Ha Tinda Ranch,AB 2,210 m.
Mist Mountain 2006-Aug-23 Highwood Pass,AB 3,140 m.
Mistaya Mountain 2009-Aug-07 Icefields Parkway,AB 3,078 m.
Moberly Peak 2015-Jul-12 Golden,BC 2,353 m.
Molar Mountain 2014-Jul-20 Icefields Parkway,AB 3,022 m.
Monad Peak GR:760535 2015-Oct-11 South Kananaskis,AB 2,552 m.
Monarch, The 2016-Sep-25
Banff/Bow Valley,AB 2,895 m.
Moonraker Peak 2015-Jun-28 Golden,BC 2,836 m.
Moose Mountain 2007-May-05 Bragg Creek,AB 2,437 m.
Morrowmount GR:279669 2010-Apr-15
Exshaw,AB 2,530 m.
Mosquito Peak (Mosquito Range Traverse North)
4,200 m.
Murray, Mount 2010-Jul-25 Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB 3,023 m.
Narao Peak 2006-Jun-08 Yoho Park,BC 2,974 m.
Nelson, Mount 2009-Aug-22 Invermere,BC 3,315 m.
Nestor, Mount 1995-Aug-25 Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB 2,975 m.
Niblock, Mount 2012-Aug-06 Lake Louise,AB 2,976 m.
Nigel Peak 2006-Aug-17 Icefields Parkway,AB 3,211 m.
Niles, Mount 2011-Aug-28 Yoho Park,BC 2,972 m.
Nipple, The GR:004689 2007-Jul-30 Golden,BC 2,485 m.
Nomad, Mount GR:266137 2013-Oct-21 Kananaskis,AB 2,544 m.
Norman, Mount 2013-Jun-10 Brisco,BC 2,514 m.
Normandy Peak (ExCoelis Mountain) GR:448662 2015-May-03 David Thompson Highway,AB 2,454 m.
Norquay, Mount 1996-Sep-10 Banff/Bow Valley,AB 2,522 m.
North Massive GR:715395 & Massive Green GR:720390
4,371 m.
Noseeum Peak GR:490224 2013-Sep-25 Icefields Parkway,AB 3,002 m.
Notch Mountain (Notch-Halo Ridge Loop)
4,035 m.
Noyes, Mount 2011-Jul-17 Icefields Parkway,AB 3,083 m.
Ochre Peak GR:577723 2014-Jun-08 Kootenay Park,BC 2.777 m.
Oldman Peak (Dg15) GR:817958 2013-Jun-23 Donald,BC 2,714 m.
Outlaw Peak GR:455205 2006-Jul-05 Kananaskis,AB 2,850 m.
Owen, Mount 1999-Jul-31 Yoho Park,BC 3,087 m.
Oyster Peak 2011-Jul-24 Skoki Area,AB 2,777 m.
Paget Peak 1995-Aug-27 Yoho Park,BC 2,635 m.
Panorama Ridge 2005-May-28 Lake Louise,AB 2.824 m.
Patterson's Peak GR:646941 2016-Oct-30
Kananaskis,AB 2,728 m.
Pearl Necklace (Dg6) GR:983716 2006-Sep-06 Golden,BC 2,690 m.
Peerless Mountain (Horseshoe Loop)
4,068 m.
Pharaoh Peaks (Southmost Peak) 2016-Sep-18
Banff/Bow Valley,AB 2,713 m.
Pigeon Mountain 2007-Oct-28 Canmore,AB 2,394 m.
Pika Peak 2013-Sep-01 Skoki Area,AB 3,033 m.
Pilot Mountain 2008-Jul-20 Banff/Bow Valley,AB 2,935 m.
Pinto Mountain 2005-Sep-03 Windermere,BC 2,550 m.
Plateau Mountain 2011-Dec-25 South Kananaskis,AB 2,515 m.
Pollinger, Mount (Traverse)
2012-Aug-12 Yoho Park,BC 2,816 m.
Prairie Mountain 2009-Jan-18 Bragg Creek,AB 2,210 m.
Princess Margaret Mountain 2012-Jul-22 Canmore,AB 2,515 m.
Princeton, Mount
Buena Vista,Colorado,USA
4,327 m.
Privateer Mountain 2015-Aug-17 Donald,BC 2,345 m.
Protection Mountain (Television Peak) 2006-Jun-21 Banff/Bow Valley,AB 2,970 m.
Ptarmigan Peak 1996-Aug-28 Skoki Area,AB 3,059 m.
Pulpit Peak 2014-Aug-04 Icefields Parkway,AB 2,727 m.
Pulsatilla Mountain 2012-Aug-01 Banff/Bow Valley,AB 3,035 m.
Putnik, Mount 2014-Sep-07 Kananaskis,AB 2,924 m.
Pyriform Mountain
Kananaskis,AB 2,621 m.
Rae, Mount 2009-Sep-11 Highwood Pass,AB 3,218 m.
Red Line Peak 2015-Jun-15 Radium,BC 3,226 m.
Red Peak GR:214404 2014-Apr-27 Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB 2,758 m.
Redoubt Mountain 2009-Jul-10 Skoki Area,AB 2,902 m.
Redstreak Mountain 2010-May-23 Radium,BC 2,160 m.
Remus, Mount 2014-Sep-01 Kananaskis,AB 2,688 m.
Rhine Peak (ExCoelis Mountain) GR:452648
David Thompson Highway,AB
2,530 m.
Richardson, Mount 1996-Aug-24 Skoki Area,AB 3,086 m.
Rimwall Summit GR:180509 2007-Nov-04 Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB 2,620 m.
Romulus, Mount 2010-Sep-27 Kananaskis,AB 2,842 m.
Rose, Mount
2,550 m.
Rowley, Mount 2013-Jun-03 Donald,BC 2,408 m.
Rundle, Mount 1992-Aug Banff/Bow Valley,AB 2,949 m.
Rundle, East End of 1995-Oct-05 Canmore,AB 2,590 m.
Sabine, Mount 2008-Mar-12 Canal Flats,BC 1,600 m.
Saddle Mountain 1996-Jun Lake Louise,AB 2,433 m.
Sarrail, Mount 2011-Sep-04 Kananaskis,AB 3,174 m.
Sawtooth, The
2016-Aug-30 Idaho Springs,Colorado,USA 4,200 m.
Scarlett O'Hara, Mount 2015-Jun-07 Radium,BC 2,882 m.
Schlee, Mount
2,850 m.
Sentinel Peak 2008-Oct-19 South Kananaskis,AB 2,378 m.
Serendipity Peak GR:633926 2016-Oct-30
Kananaskis,AB 2,666 m.
Seven, Mount GR:105778 2002-Jul Golden,BC 2,520 m.
Shark, Mount 2011-Aug-01 Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB 2,786 m.
Sheep Mountain GR:883537 2010-Oct-17 South Kananaskis,AB 2,271 m.
Sheridan, Mount (Sherman Grand Slam) 2016-Sep-07 Leadville,Colorado,USA 4,190 m.
Sherman, Mount (Sherman Grand Slam) 2016-Sep-07 Leadville,Colorado,USA 4,278 m.
Shunda Mountain (Baldy Mountain) 2014-May-19 Nordegg,AB 2,080 m.
Shunga-La-She GR:583052 2014-May-25 Kananaskis,AB 2,625 m.
Shyster Peak GR:656284 2015-Apr-26 Brisco,BC 2,629 m.
Sifton, Mount
Rogers Pass,BC
2,922 m.
Silent Mountain 2014-Aug-18 Parson,BC 2,649 m.
Silverhorn Mountain GR:345347
Icefields Parkway,AB
2,911 m.
Skoki Mountain 2011-Jul-24 Skoki Area,AB 2,697 m.
Snow Peak 2008-Nov-09 Kananaskis,AB 2,800 m.
Spalding, Mount (Traverse)
2016-Aug-30 Idaho Springs,Colorado,USA
4,219 m.
Sparrowhawk, Mount 1995-Aug-31 Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB 3,121 m.
Springer Peak (Dg24) GR:983697 2015-Oct-18
2,619 m.
Squaw's Tit GR:174668 2011-Sep-12 Canmore,AB 2,514 m.
Stanley Peak 2011-Aug-07 Kootenay Park,BC 3,155 m.
Stan Waters Peak (ExCoelis Mountain) GR:457653 2015-May-10 David Thompson Highway,AB 2,515 m.
Stelfox, Mount
David Thompson Highway,AB
2,627 m.
Stephen, Mount
3,199 m.
Stevens, Mount 2008-Jun-15 Wasa,BC 2,650 m.
Storm Mountain 1995-Jul-07 Banff/Bow Valley,AB 3,161 m.
Storm Mountain 2009-Aug-28 Highwood Pass,AB 3,092 m.
St-Piran, Mount 2007-Aug-05 Lake Louise,AB 2,744 m.
Strata Butte (Dg25) GR:031671 2008-Aug-04 Golden,BC 2,662 m.
Stuart Knob 1996-Sep-11 Banff/Bow Valley,AB 2,850 m.
Sulphur, Mount 1996-Sep-09 Banff/Bow Valley,AB 2,451 m.
Sultana Peak
3,220 m.
Sunwapta Peak 2001-Jul-11 Icefields Parkway,AB 3,315 m.
Survey Peak 2010-Jan-27 Icefields Parkway,AB 2,667 m.
Swansea Mountain Lookout 2006-Apr-29 Windermere,BC 1,735 m.
Tabeguache Peak
Poncha Springs,Colorado,USA
4,314 m.
Table Mountain
Castle Wilderness,AB 2,225 m.
Table Mountain (Navvy Peak) GR:092867 2000-Jun-01 Golden,BC 2,356 m.
Teepee Mountain 2008-Jun-15 Wasa,BC 2,775 m.
Tegart, Mount 2009-Jun-01 Windermere,BC 2,381 m.
Temple, Mount 1993-Jun Lake Louise,AB 3,543 m.
Threepoint Mountain 2015-May-18 Kananaskis,AB 2,595 m.
Thunder Mountain 2016-Oct-23
Oldman River,AB
2,335 m.
Tiara Peak GR:407451 2008-Jul-07 Kananaskis,AB 2,542 m.
Tigger Peak GR:934887
Buena Vista,Colorado,USA
4,054 m.
Torreys Peak (Loveland-Bakerville Traverse) 2017-Apr-02
Loveland Pass,Colorado,USA
4,348 m.
Tower Peak 2009-Oct-11 Parson,BC 2,460 m.
Tower, The GR:205351 2009-Sep-24 Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB 3,117 m.
Townsend, Mount GR:232684
2,820 m.
Treasurevault Mountain (Mosquito Range Traverse North)
4,176 m.
Tunnel Mountain (Gooseberry 5.8) 1996-Jul Banff/Bow Valley,AB 1,692 m.
Turbulent, Mount 2015-Sep-27 Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB 2,850 m.
Turner, Mount 2015-Aug-30 Kananaskis,AB 2,806 m.
Turtle Mountain
Crowsnest Pass,AB
2,204 m.
Tweto, Mount GR:991531 (Mosquito Range Traverse North)
Fremont Pass,Colorado,USA
4,167 m.
Twin Peaks (Cabin Ridge) GR:783492 2016-Nov-26
South Kananaskis,AB
2,520 m.
Tyrwhitt, Mount 1996-Aug-17 Highwood Pass,AB 2,874 m.
Unnamed Peak GR:503178 2013-Jul-14 Icefields Parkway,AB 3,010 m.
Vertical Mountain & GR:090056 2012-Jun-17 Fort Steele,BC 2,364 m.
Ward, Mount
Crowsnest Pass,AB
2,530 m.
Warden Rock
Ya Ha Tinda Ranch,AB
2,694 m.
Warrior Mountain 2011-Sep-05 Kananaskis,AB 2,973 m.
Wasatch Mountain (Wastach Mountain) GR:520868 2013-Oct-06 Lake Louise,AB 2,804 m.
Wasootch Peak GR:334455 2007-Apr-30 Kananaskis,AB 2,350 m.
Watch Peak 2012-Feb-13 Invermere,BC 2,691 m.
Wedge, The 2014-Jun-22 Kananaskis,AB 2,665 m.
Weed, Mount 2009-Jun-27 Icefields Parkway,AB 3,080 m.
Well Site Mountain GR:914359 2016-Dec-04
Ya Ha Tinda Ranch,AB 2,533 m.
Wendell Mountain GR:295675 2010-Mar-23 Exshaw,AB 2,380 m.
Wendell, East Peak GR:307676 2015-Feb-23 Exshaw,AB 2,294 m.
Whaleback Mountain (Traverse) 2013-Aug-25 Yoho Park,BC 2,617 m.
Whistler Mountain
Castle Wilderness,AB 2,210 m.
Whitehorn 2015-May-31 Lake Louise,AB 2,621 m.
White Knight Peak 2009-Jul-03 Canal Flats,BC 2,620 m.
Whymper, Mount 1996-Sep-15 Kootenay Park,BC 2,845 m.
Wilcox, Mount 2010-Sep-06 Icefields Parkway,AB 2,884 m.
Willingdon, Mount 2014-Aug-09 Icefields Parkway,AB 3,373 m.
Windtower, The 2007-Dec-17 Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB 2,695 m.
Windy Peak 2012-Feb-05 South Kananaskis,AB 2,240 m.
Worthington, Mount 2012-Sep-09 Kananaskis,AB 2,915 m.
Yale, Mount
Buena Vista,Colorado,USA
4,330 m.
Yates Mountain (Barrier Lake Lookout)
2,016 m.
Yoho Peak 2011-Aug-21 Yoho Park,BC 2,760 m.
Zombie Peak (South) GR:854892 1999-Jul-10 Golden,BC 2,690 m.

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