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This website was built/designed by Fabrice for his energetic wife Josée, with both contributing much input (and output!). Yes, it seems Josée has a mountain virus, a summit bug, a peak plague, a ridge rash...(you get the idea) Mountains are a fix to a disease that causes yearning and daydreaming. Josée needs a dose of lofty views and adventure. And why not? There's so many beautiful places to go, some not that far.

We met on a trip to Crowfoot Mountain. At the time we resided in Banff and both worked in the ski industry (ie. ski bums). After nearly ten years, we really wanted to own a home and remain in the heart of the mountains, our playground. Golden was the right place. Here we are another twenty years and we still like to get out.So, this is us: late 40s, with a need to BE OUTDOORS...Sound like anyone you know?

We decided that it was time to put all our trips together and let it all hang out on the web. I mean, aside from our Alan Kane's Scrambles book and Chic Scott's Summits and Icefields, the Internet is where we got a lot of our information. There is much information on areas such as the Foothills but not much covering our area, the Columbia Mountains. Matt Gunn and Aaron Cameron's Hikes around Invermere mentions some scrambles near Invermere but overall we have found it difficult to find information on our local mountains. We set out to explore and document the trips we planned from Google Earth, websites (Golden Hikes), topo maps, Forest Sevice information, etc...

Some trips are extensions of existing trails or bushwhacks from a nearby logging road. Most of the trips are easy to moderate. We are avid hikers with a backcountry skiing background. Although we both tried sport /ice climbing, these are not activities that we usually do.

If you're like us, hope this site inspires.

send us an e-mail ( mail@goldenscrambles.ca) to get in touch...(or tell us about any mistakes we missed)

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